Octomom: Aspiring Game Show Host?

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Octomom needs to get a freaking job.


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    Don't forget about the children. They are going to have to live in a lifestyle that they are not responsible for and no doubt as they get older the reality show tout will be more likely. The burden they have to bear is already considerable. What if they have needs or talent - where will the money come from to support this. I have one daughter and two dogs and between working, studying and trying to be a good parent (and doggy owner!) I don't have time to breathe. The one on one time these kids will get will be very little. In large normal families older siblings take up the slack. But they are all about the same age. They are going to bring themselves up (bar publicly funded nannies) on little money but state benefits in the public eye of to be honest, ridicule of their mother which will transfer unfairly to them. I feel sorry for the kids and the mother needs psychiatric care for being so blo*dy selfish.


    She is another reason why parenting isnt a biological right and that government should introduce licensing, you need a license to drive a car, psycho's like this shouldnt be allowed to procreate. LOL....


    Why exactly would any network want to identify their brand with someone so creepily uninteresting, but who is so universally loathed for her bizarrely profound narcissism?
    The only way the public knows her is toxically. By watching her squander what few assets the kids once had. Not at all in any way for being maternal to 14 kids she deliberately chose to have. And now it comes out that she had eleven implanted at one time. While already on welfare.
    Also she is probably being investigated now that it seems likely that she spent a decade defrauding Worker's Comp and possibly fraudulently using student loans to finance a complete cosmetic facial reconstructive. While she had a mere six kids and no income.


    This is hardly what I would call "seeking employment". It`s what I would call still desperately seeking attention and holding with her plan to never work a day in her pathetic life. Wonder what it will take to get it through her thick skull that she doesn`t even rate the D list. Her voice alone would compel me to switch the channel.

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