NOOOO! John Mayer Allegedly Brags About Taylor Swift Hook-Up

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We pray this isn't so...

According to In Touch Weekly, John Mayer and Taylor Swift - it pains us to even write these words - hooked up in late January. At least that's what the douchebag of male singer told a friend.

It's already been confirmed that the pair met for dinner in Nashville. But an insider tells the tabloid they got extra cozy in a recording studio there.

“She was sitting on John’s lap, her arms were around him, and she was talking in his ear,” said the source. “They were acting like teenagers.”

Well, Taylor is only 20 years old. Yet another reason (aside from how much cooler she is) for Mayer to keeps his hands off her.

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Mayer and Swift dined that evening at the restaurant Cabana and were joined by pals afterward. From there, the magazine alleges, they went back The Hermitage Hotel alone, where they were privately escorted to John’s suite.

“Taylor spent the night and enjoyed mid-morning room service before leaving his suite the next day," said the insider, defying the denial from both singers' reps that anything romantic has gone on between the two.

When asked by a friend how his night with award-winning star went, John supposedly laughed and said: “How do you think it went?”

Oh man. Maybe this really did happen. That does sound exactly like something Mayer would say.


I saw a John Mayer interview on T.V once, he said that most tabloids like to say that he hooks up with a lot of people and a lot of the times, he hasn't. But then he says that he actually tries to "hook" up with that person to see what the tabloids say... When he said, 'How do you think it went?" he might of meant it as sacasm or that he's tired of people trying to link him with other starts like, Taylor Swift. Or I'm entirely wrong and they are.


John is a womanizer..............john, leave tay alone


I love Taylor and I dont believe that they hooked up.


i think she is a slut dating one guy and another guy and making music about it


I'll call it: BULL


Come on people, he (John) just wants to attached with Taylor Swifts name. You know he is a perv and that he will say anything to get some attention. If Taylor L had to be screened by her parents and they told him (according to what she says)that if his name even thought about appearing in any scandals or negative attention, they would forbid her to see him. So, I dont think, no, I know they would not go for John Mayer!! She is only 20 and as her managers/parents they have a right to keep her FROM stuff like him. Maybe if Spears and Lohan's parents had tried that...


did you here that crack? i believe it's the pedestal that this girl has been put upon. seems like she is human after all doesn't it? just wish she had better taste, but youth is a huge factor.


Who hasn't he hooked up with?? I don't understand the attraction there. Anyway she IS an adult and can make her own choices. I also don't like her squinty eyes, they bug me for some reason.


As I understand it THG: once you're 18 in this country,you can be with whomever you choose of your age or older,so give that whole May/ December thing a rest. Taylor has earned the right to 'hook-up' or not with anyone she wants. I'm not a fan of mayer's,but,I am a fan of choosing who turns you on,for whatever reasons--feel-me? Just because You can't be with her---don't hate,or ruin, it for those she does choose...Later;Hollywood...

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