NOOOO! John Mayer Allegedly Brags About Taylor Swift Hook-Up

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We pray this isn't so...

According to In Touch Weekly, John Mayer and Taylor Swift - it pains us to even write these words - hooked up in late January. At least that's what the douchebag of male singer told a friend.

It's already been confirmed that the pair met for dinner in Nashville. But an insider tells the tabloid they got extra cozy in a recording studio there.

“She was sitting on John’s lap, her arms were around him, and she was talking in his ear,” said the source. “They were acting like teenagers.”

Well, Taylor is only 20 years old. Yet another reason (aside from how much cooler she is) for Mayer to keeps his hands off her.

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Mayer and Swift dined that evening at the restaurant Cabana and were joined by pals afterward. From there, the magazine alleges, they went back The Hermitage Hotel alone, where they were privately escorted to John’s suite.

“Taylor spent the night and enjoyed mid-morning room service before leaving his suite the next day," said the insider, defying the denial from both singers' reps that anything romantic has gone on between the two.

When asked by a friend how his night with award-winning star went, John supposedly laughed and said: “How do you think it went?”

Oh man. Maybe this really did happen. That does sound exactly like something Mayer would say.


Noo, noo, noo... Taylor Swift: stay away from John Mayer!!!
He is so much better than her, i knwo you guys think it's the other way around, but really, you only have your information about John from the paps, he is so much better. God, i hope this isen't true.


seriously, i don't think so. I am a huge fan of johns, and when he said "how do you think it went", maybe he was being sarcastic, and really saying, "taylor is a young girl with a big career ahead of her. do you think she would ruin her reputation and do something so stupid?" people think of john as a womanizer, c'mon, noone knows what a celebrity is like 'till you get to know them. May be taylor is the bad one here. never trust the papers.


If John Mayer and Taylor Swift are dating, their is a problem. She is 20 and him 30, it is a bit young, no. I prefer her with Taylor Launter more than anything else. I also liked her with Joe Jonas but I fell bad for what Joe Jonas did to her,


pft you guys care so much about taylor swift. duh shes gonna go and do something like that especially with a god like figure of a man named john mayer!


What kind of fucking bullshit is this?! Taylor Swift will NEVER DO THAT!! If this rumour is true, I'll still stand by Taylor Swift's side!!


oh, please, this is bull shit. I think she'd know better than to hook up with a guy whose nickname should probably be STD... come on... maybe he just wanted to be an inspiration for a new Taylor song... he's a douche, I'm hoping and praying this isn't so (as I strongly believe it isn't)...


TRaylor swift i am very disapointed in you. Bad little star, shame on you.


Stay away from him...please. Who wants to be just another in a long line of women?


If they are dating, it won't last, Taylor is a firm believer in no sex before marriage, do you honestly think John can hold out that long?


no way i cant belive it taylor wont hookup with the old man

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