NOOOO! John Mayer Allegedly Brags About Taylor Swift Hook-Up

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We pray this isn't so...

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    For all of you commenting about how it could not have happened because she wouldn't have sex before marriage and all that... Wake up and smell the coffee. You don't just go spend the night in some sleezy, known players hotel room to have a chat. It's very likely they did sleep together. However, this does not make her a bad person. She got played. She's a victim. I've fallen victim to the manipulative ways of a player before, she is still awesome and he is sill an ass. Also, she is almost 23 years old, it isn't too much of a scandal that she hooked up with somebody, he probably wasn't the first and she's in a serious relationship with Conor Kennedy now. My mom was married and had two kids by 23 years old. If Taylor wasnt famous maybe she would have kids and be married etc


    I thought she had one of those purity rings!!!!!


    That is why one should wait until their married to have sex then you wouldn't have to deal with this oh he didn't call me back or stupid crap. There's a reason why God made these rules it was to avoid this kindof emotional drama.


    Just because Taylor may be a Christian (she never even openly stated her religion that I know of) doesn't mean she believes in no sex until marriage. You are thinking of Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers who had those promise rings (lol and none of them have them anymore lol) Taylor never haid that.


    John mayer is like ten thousand times better of a sing/songwriter/musician than taylor swift will ever dream of being...oh and he can play guitar too. I hope he crushed her little heart.

    @ John Mayer Rocks

    Um I'm sorry but no. Taylor has so much more to show for her life than he does. I hope John Mayer shoves a cactus up his ass and wears it like a hat.


    Any guy that would speak of Jessica Simpson like that is not a nice guy. Taylor's song shows a deep hurt and that usually happens if you give your ALL and find out you've been played. I absolutely love her revenge song, even using John Mayer's signature guitar playing and music style to mock him. Sweeet! Girls you have been OFFICALLY warned about John.


    I wanna bang her alllll nnnight!!!!!


    John Mayer is hilarious... he's often misquoted out of context in tabs because he's really sarcastic sometimes.

    He's also 70 billion times the musician Taylor Swift is...

    Idc about celebrities' morals -- they're all egomaniacs. At least John seems to have maintained a sense of humor & has an interesting mind.

    Taylor is just a teeny-bopper.


    I love Taylor Swift, and I would love to believe that this is not true. But they did go to his suite together. That's hard to ignore. The hookup very well could've happened.


    Taylor Swift is a Christian and she believes in NO sex until marriage. I really don't think John would be able to wait. I don't believe this rumor AT ALL!

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