Nick Jonas Campaigns for President, Teases Selena Gomez Relationship

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Might Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly debate about President Nick Jonas someday?

Last summer, the singer joked about running for the highest office in the world. He's even named his new band "The Administration." All random, fun talk, right?

Maybe not.

In a new interview, Jonas was once again asked about his political aspirations and said: “I think it started off as a joke, but now I feel it’s becoming a bit more serious and starting my campaign now. It would be fun to be president. We’ll see what happens."

If he runs on a platform of good hair and promise rings, Nick might actually win.

Perhaps even more buzz-worthy than his possible Presidential run, Jonas also talked about his rumored relationship with Selena Gomez. The pair were spotted at dinner together this week.

“I try to keep it a bit to myself and keep it a bit private,” he said. “We always try to find time to go out and hang out with people we enjoy spending time with and as far as that future of that relationship goes, I will keep that to myself for right now.”

Sounds perfectly fair and mature. But doesn't sound like a denial, either, does it?

Below, you can check out Jonas and his band performing on yesterday's Ellen DeGeneres show.


Nick would be an awesome president and why shouldn't he go 4 it...he is a smart mature (sexy) young give him a break if he want to hang with selena so wat...and who cares bout miley she is a ..... and well nick if u become president i will miss listeing to ur music but i still will love u no matter wat u do!!


I think that Nick would be a Good President and would control his group"The Administration" with good thinking!!!!!!!!


hahah, he couldn't ever be one....and it sounds like he's in it just for "fun". He would find out how much it sucks and fail.


ooh... I thought he was more serious about presidency then that.. But I luv him anyways.. I just seem to feel tensin thought it seems. for hes dating Mileys "enemy" .... Im hoping their "friendship" can survive this..


His aspirations to be President one day are more a sign of a young megalomaniac rather than healthy ambition.

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