More Lindsey Vonn Photos: Sexy in Sports Illustrated

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As we write this article, Lindsey Vonn is on the verge of winning the Gold Medal in Women's Downhill. It will be the skier's first-ever Olympic title.

Congratulations are very much in order for Vonn, but she'd have been a winner in the eyes of men across the nation regardless of how she fared this week on the slopes.

That's because Vonn and teammate Hannah Teter posed seductively in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, bravely eschewing shirts despite the cold temperatures around them. Talk about Gold Medal winning form!

Topless in the Cold

Vonn was also featured on the cover of that magazine's Olympic prevew, which created quite a stir for the way it depicted her backside.

You can go vote now on whether or not the cover photo is sexist, but there's no denying the classification of the pictures below: they are nothing but SEXY!

  • SI Sex Pot
  • Lindsey Vonn Photo
  • Ugly Bathing Suit
  • Vonn, Lindsey
  • Sports Illustrated Photo
  • Winter Hottie
  • The Talented and the Beautiful
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Being athletic and winning gold is sexy. Why to go Lindsey. Great race!


I hate to say it but- why can't it be good enough that they are great atheletes- since Mia Hamm now women have to make sure they are sexy and great athletes. To me it seems kind of demeaning. Then again, maybe if I saw a playgirl shoot it would be different- who knows. It is too bad that merit is no longer enough.


When you are the #1 American Skier in the World,I guess people want to get to see more of you.This young lady is an Olympic goldmine,and evidently her handlers think she's worth the second look. You go girl, for the gold (and the gusto),I'm routing for you all the way!!!


This rag should be re-named Ho's Illustrated.