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la amo tiene que ganar en todas actua bien canta bien es una genia la adaro vamos miley se que vas a ganar la cuatro nominaciones


Hi three folks. Just telling miley does not suck if u have a problem call me at 604-789-564 the presidents daughter of america. Lol rofl


Aside from @Michele---it's nice to see Miley supporters. And YES you already know how my votes are gonna go--Right? Fan above says it all: Miley 4 Ev'a!!! And please,guys at THG,tell me you do not have a problem with Miley Thanking God for her success?! That's a case of true fact as far as I'm concerned...
One quick quest'(and I am Not tryin' to slam on you guys. Not this time. Cause you haven't actually bashed on my girl[Miley]). So I'll just ask it quick: Did you misspell 'ceremy' just so I'd catch-it? If not,excuse me for bringing it up...Loved the picture though,and so ecstatic that she's(Miley)gettin' so many nominations(You knew I was gonna chime in on that too--didn't ya'? I'm feelin' just a little predictable here,y'all! Ha,ha!)Anyhow--GO MILEY--and way to cover the supergirl,THG! C'ya'! Hollywood...


miley cryus is a ulgy baboon


miley u rock!!!!


wait my votes r gonna be

Favorite TV Actor
Nick Jonas

Favorite TV Actress
Miley Cyrus

Favorite TV Show
Wizards of Waverly Place

Favorite Music Group
Black Eyed Peas

Favorite Female Singer
Miley Cyrus

Favorite Male Singer
not votin

Favorite Song
“Party in the USA,” Miley Cyrus

Favorite Movie
The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Favorite Movie Actor
Taylor Lautner

Favorite Movie Actress
Miley Cyrus
i cant belive megan fox is in that shes such a slut i hate hur


yeah finally cani wait im votin for nick miley and wizards of waveryl placee even tho hannah monatana is the bets tv show xoxo


wow looking forward to the kids choice awards .

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