Miley Cyrus and Bret Michaels Duet: Hilarious, Released

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Note to Miley Cyrus: We know we've had our differences and THG isn't your biggest fan on the planet. But please take this piece of advice:

Get an STD test... stat!

As the following picture and video prove, you've officially shared the same air with Bret Michaels, a reality TV star whose had more sex with groupies on VH1's Rock of Love than his former band, Poison, had number-one hits.

For reasons we'll never comprehend, Miley and Michaels have collaborated on a new single titled “Nothing to Lose.” During the track, the long-haired skank-banger teams with Cyrus on the chorus. It goes:

Won't you fall down on me/So close I can feel you breathe/Tonight in the darkness with nothing to lose/If the truth is all we can see/If I fall for you, could you fall for me?

Ummm... is that really appropriate for a 17-year to be singing with a dirty, washed-up, sex-crazed rocker?

“Bret and I had a great time in the studio together just hanging out and making music,” Miley said. “He’s is so passionate about music and it shows. I think it is such a rad collaboration because it shows that two artists that seem so different on the outside can come together and organically create something that we are both proud of.”

Hurry up and check out the video below, lest YouTube remove it. Then, let us know: Is this a positive or negative step for Miley's career?


it's just a love song! come on! miley didnt sing the verse or the bridge.. she only did the melisma what's the big deal!


Hollywood, you able to be on a computer without parental consent? Michele is not crazy & she isn't a hater for no reason. Miley Cyrus sucks dead dogs! I'm so glad her voice is back far enough in the mix so I don't really have to hear her. Besides, there's nothing new & organic about this. Kids, if you're not familiar with Poison, ask mommy & daddy to let you listen to their albums or cassettes. Ask them what they are. Anyway, that is nearly every Poison song remixed into a "new" one. And the phrase "don't hate" or any derivation thereof makes me want to throw things!


sounds like a couple of drunks singing karaoki... so man-whore meets teen whore, good match.


well,that was a good song i guess im not sure i think miley is a sweet person and what ever she does that people have a negitive affect on doesnt realy matter because if she does something that she is not spose to do then she will get it later. but so what sings so what if you think the lyrics are wrong its her life. whatever she does has a come back


@Michele---You---Need LOTS and LOTS of SERIOUS HELP!! People who hate for no reason often need help with their issues---So check into it--Fast...And to say she can't sing? What could possibly lend any credence to your ability to judge? Ever done ANYTHING besides try an put people down--anything worth mentioning?? Or is tearing down others all you know how to do?? If so,it doesn't make you abnormal,just---SAD...Later,Haters;Hollywood...


miley cant sing


I dont need help. U DO. ANYONE who likes miley cryus is abnormal.


i agree with star is a great song and uz really need tae grow up. i mean who cares she has donne a duet with someone who cares what that person is lyk? its really bugging because its a sound its about the music not about the people. Give hur a break just cause you dont lyk hur doesnt mean u get to talk crap about hur. Miley has many supporting fans out theere and i swear we have better and stronger reason to lyk hur than u to have dilyk hur.


miley es genial es una gran cantante y una verdadera cantante tiene una gran voz busquen sus canciones y o la van a criticar mas


Who really cares what Miley Cyrus does anyway?
It won't hurt her career because no one cares who she did a duet with.
And some people have some pretty strong connections to a person they don't know.

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