Miley Cyrus and Bret Michaels Duet: Hilarious, Released

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Note to Miley Cyrus: We know we've had our differences and THG isn't your biggest fan on the planet. But please take this piece of advice:

Get an STD test... stat!

As the following picture and video prove, you've officially shared the same air with Bret Michaels, a reality TV star whose had more sex with groupies on VH1's Rock of Love than his former band, Poison, had number-one hits.

For reasons we'll never comprehend, Miley and Michaels have collaborated on a new single titled “Nothing to Lose.” During the track, the long-haired skank-banger teams with Cyrus on the chorus. It goes:

Won't you fall down on me/So close I can feel you breathe/Tonight in the darkness with nothing to lose/If the truth is all we can see/If I fall for you, could you fall for me?

Ummm... is that really appropriate for a 17-year to be singing with a dirty, washed-up, sex-crazed rocker?

“Bret and I had a great time in the studio together just hanging out and making music,” Miley said. “He’s is so passionate about music and it shows. I think it is such a rad collaboration because it shows that two artists that seem so different on the outside can come together and organically create something that we are both proud of.”

Hurry up and check out the video below, lest YouTube remove it. Then, let us know: Is this a positive or negative step for Miley's career?


I love 80's hair metal bands and I am a big POISON fan. I did not take notice of Miley while she was doing that Hannah Montana stuff. But she is a great singer and this song is really good. Brett might be the nightmare of many parents, but he is ROCK'N'ROLL (!) and a very good singer and songwriter. Let's wait and see how many artists of the latest charts will still be there in 25 years. Brett and the other "washed-up" rockers are still there and rock the stages. Greetings from Germany. Steffen


I'm not a "kid" as my screen name indicates. I'm over 50 and enjoy both Bret and Miley's music. THG you are the most judgemental site I've ever seen. I hope you don't pretend you are a real "news" site because you aren't. You are disgustingly biased and not the least bit funny or entertaining.


Have to say if you are a music lover its a pretty damn good song. I am not a big fan of judgemental people and find it amazing the amount of people out there who claim themselves to be a perfect person while blasting people whom they dont know personally at all. Star or not we are ALL HUMAN and not to make a bad pun but NOBODY'S PERFECT. So get over it and actually listen to the song for what it is, which is a great song. I heard this song before I knew who sang it and after finding out who sang it I wasnt suprised, they are both very talented people.


I, as well as my grandchildren were fans of Miley, but when she posed NUDE, that did it for me, and for them. I pray that she gets her life right with God. Also I blame her father, because he should have sued the studio who took the pictures. She is telling our children that sex is OK. Parents wake up, is this really the roll model you want for your children?


On the other side of the coin, there are a lot of us, that like ALL kinds of GOOD music. We know what real music is. We also know what it is not. This song is an excellent example of what is NOT! You got Miley (every song I sing I sound like I am screeching) Cyrus, and Brett (never washed my forehead)Michaels in a duet??? That sounds more like a SNL skit then a song. Actually, it is a perfect match up. You have a washed up has been rock singer AND an up and coming has been who LOOKS washed up and is not even 21 yet. Now that's talent!!


it's ok.... not a fan of it.Mileys' vioce is terrable, it ruins the song.


The song is fine in my opinion. My only problem is that their voices don't sound very good together. Miley's voice is too strong to sing with Bret's.


Im a poison fan, and I have childern so I also have come to like Miley. The song is great and I think It will do great. You haters, go flush yourself.


i totally agree for crying out loud its just a song....i listened to it i dont feel that it is in appropriate....people need to stop freaking out about things that there is no need to....i mean i wasnt even really a duet it was miley singing backing up and he wasnt singing to her so relax and get up over it.....


I don't think this could really be considered a duet. Miley is really just singing backup vocals and Bret is NOT singing it to her. I don't see really what the big deal is. When Bret wants to write a beautiful song he can. "Something to Believe in" and "Every Rose has it's Thorn" I don't hear anything putting a woman down or downgrading her. I think it's much ado about nothing. I don't condone some of Bret's actions in his career, but I really think he's trying to be better. He just needs to NOT EVER do anymore Rock Of Loves then the world will be a better place. His music from Poison is classic and he is one heck of a songwriter.

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