Michael Jackson Death Timeline Dispute Critical to Conrad Murray Defense, Prosecution

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In a new twist, Dr. Conrad Murray’s attorney, Michael Flanagan, says his client made a mistake in his initial interview in the Michael Jackson homicide investigation.

"Dr. Murray's timeline of events the day Michael Jackson died is wrong,” he says. “Doctors make mistake. That is what he did, and it was simply that. A mistake.”

Really, Conrad Murray?

Jackson's personal physician is changing the story he initially told police in the aftermath of MJ's death - a significant move for the prosecution and defense.

According to police reports, Murray told the LAPD that he gave Propofol to Jackson at 10:50 a.m., then left Jackson alone for two minutes to go to the bathroom.

 DOCTOR ON TRIAL: Does Conrad Murray's explanation hold water?

Murray then went on to say that when he returned to Jackson’s room, he wasn’t breathing and he began CPR. However, a 911 call wasn’t made until after noon.

In addition, a voicemail Conrad Murray left at 11:54 a.m. that day to another patient, Bob Russell, was released yesterday. Murray was calm and collected on it.

That seems dubious if Murray had been performing CPR on Jackson for an hour before the call. To that end, Flanagan says Murray was wrong about the timing.

The timeline of events surrounding the death of Jackson will most likely be central to the criminal charges - involuntary manslaughter - against Dr. Conrad Murray.

Some reports even say that both the defense and the prosecution plan to use the newly surfaced voicemail as a centerpiece to their case, which is fascinating.

Murray’s legal team aims to discredit cops' initial interviews with their client in a bid to convince a jury they bungled the situation, according to some sources.

But Flanagan says that he believes his client simply made a mistake when it came to the timeline that fateful day. "Dr. Murray's timeline was wrong," he said.

He also suggested that there was reportedly another phone call between Murray and his girlfriend in Houston, shortly after noon. He called 911 at 12:21.

But if Murray did administer Propofol to Jackson at 10:50 a.m. as he initially said, it would be natural for cops to assume he did not check on him until later.

Police say he most likely left Jackson alone for approximately 73 minutes – not two minutes as he claimed - after administering Propofol, a powerful sedative.

This would be damaging to his defense. Murray’s calm call at 11:54 a.m. fits not only his defense, but a police theory that he simply left MJ alone for awhile.

Who do you believe?


Murray left MJ alone after administering propofol for well over 1 hour while he talked on the phone; that's established; when he realized the condition of his patient, he totally panicked, dropped the phone while talking to his girlfriend, and tried to cover up what he had done. But the truth will come out, Dr. Death; don't try to change your story now, it's too late; like it's too late for MJ and his legions of fans everywhere. And even if your story were completely true, DR. DEATH, where was your resuscitation equipment and why were you administering this potentially lethal drug in a private home. For the money of course, to pay all your back due child support and other debts. 2-4 years for manslaughter? That would be a joke if this entire scenario were not so tragic.


2/17/2010 A cell phone is a cruel thing to have, when I am home if my cell phone rang I don't sit in one spot I get up and walk around while I am talking, one time I had a pot on the stove and walk outside while talking and forgot about the pot, yes Dr Murray did the same thing he got caught up in the cell phone mode like we all do.


Conrad knows exactly what he did and he did not go back to check on MJ as he should have since he was doing something he should not have been doing anyway. He's at fault here 100%. There is a word in the dictionary and it's spelled N-O. He is a doctor and should know better he has an oath and ethics that he needed to abide by but instead he let his greed get in the way. You don't give that kind of aid to someone that's in denial no matter how much they beg. You see the outcome a man is dead before his time and conrad is facing prison and by right that is just wher he belong's. I hope he remember when his ass is sentenced MJ has fan's everywhere EVEN IN PRISON. TRY NOT TO DROP THE SOAP.


This man left MJ for over an hour this is gross negligence and he should be in jail all now. Whilst MJ was struggling to breathe and in distress, this man was nowhere to be found. End of story. Perhaps the QUACK was also hired by Tohme Tohme to assassinate Michael. MJ was afraid of Tohme after he found out he was a fraudster and a possible mobster and fired his ass. MJ was really trying to get rid of the negatives in his life when he was assassinated

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