Mezhgan Hussainy: The Future Mrs. Simon Cowell?

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As a judge on American Idol, Simon Cowell is in control. He sits back and critiques aspiring contestants such as Andrew Garcia.

But in his personal life, the brutally honest Brit has no actual say. He may claim he's not interested in marriage, as he stated throughout his relationship with Terri Seymour, but when the true love bug bites, it doesn't let go.

Mezhgan Hussainy and Simon Cowell Photo

Simon appears to be discovering this for the first time, as he was interviewed by Piers Morgan over the weekend for a TV show in England. Asked about new girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy, Cowell said:

"I'm smitten with Mezhgan, I think she's the one. She's very special."

Hussainy, seen above with her man, is a make-up artist on American Idol and other hit shows. She may also be the future mother of Cowell's children.

"You know when you've found somebody very special," he said, adding: "I think I need to have little Simons around."

Whoa! Talk about a total 180!

During the interview, Hussainy sat in the back of the room, donning a $400,00 diamond ring. Asked if the couple was engaged, Simon smiled and said: "No comment."

Now we know how serious he must be. When was the last time Simon Cowell had no comment on anything?!?

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Wow. Whoever just called her a gold digger, you are clearly a joyless b*tch and most likely an overweight person. Clearly shes not a gold digger, she has her own cosmetics brand, hollywood clientale, and has worked for American Idol, So you think you can dance, and many more popular shows. Not only that but she's been offered roles on t.v before, clearly if she were out for money she would have pursued acting, or modeling. On top of the she has created her own charity fund which makes schools and hospitals for those who need them the most. She's not out for money. Do you really think by the age of 50 Simon wouldnt know how to tell whose a goldigger? He wants her to have his babies, theres clearly a reason for that. I wish Mezghan and Simon all the best.


This is why the world is so screwed up, all you stupid people who don't even know them, you just read crap in the tabloids, believe all the crap and judge someone you have never met, don't know well at all and then think you are right judging them in the harshest light. I hope no one ever just looks at you and thinks you are a stupid moron.


It seems that she makes Simon a better person, happier one... so I think we should be happy for him...


She has started her own beauty line funded by her ex who's heart she has broken. She has been working on Simon for years studding his likes and dislikes and what sort of women he goes for then she dumps her boyfriend when he dumps Terri and goes in for the kill she is a GOLD DIGGER!!


why are you guys calling her a gold digger? you don't know her and besides, she has started a very successful beauty line all on her own, so stop being so jealous and get a life...if you don't like her then why bother reading the article?


WTF??!! Where did she land from. Please Simon, think twice. Dont make a mistake u mite regret for your lifetime.


Can anyone say gold-digger?!?