Mezhgan Hussainy: Engaged to Simon Cowell!

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Is the speculation over? Is Mezhgan Hussainy set to be Mrs. Simon Cowell?

Radar Online does not offer any direct quotes on the rumor, but the website says Hussainy herself told its vice president that she was engaged to the American Idol judge.

Earlier this week, during a simple, sweet, candid moment on the show, Ryan Seacrest asked Simon who he kept winking to in the audience and Cowell replied: "My girlfriend."

Simon C.

Says Simon's publicist, Max Clifford:

“They are very suited. She is someone who is independent and says what she thinks and feels, and he likes that. He's probably the happiest I have ever known him in the nine years I've been working with him."

Hussainy works as a make-up artist on American Idol. Assuming she really is engaged to Cowell, insiders say a wedding may take place in the very near future. We wish these two the best!


Molly: LOL you're a tool. If that was your attempt at playing celebrity devil's advocate, it was an epic fail.


I wish them good luck.


I wish siman n mojgan all the best.she must be a lucky person.because simon was always my sweetheart i liked his personality.all together wish them good luck xx


Omg, Simon, marrying.
How many times have we heard the 'she's the one' tagline?
I don't like Mezhgan, and I don't think I ever will.
I think Terri is a gazillion times better than her~
and Terri is such a nice person too!
They don't seem to be very well suited for each other, but ah well, life's like that.
You see ppl you never want to see get hitched.
If Simon really likes her, then good luck to him.


Molly, slap yourself, you forgot to take your smart-pills


my god simon iam so happy for you and you find the love of life i hop you takecare of her very good and i wish you have happy life good luck


Simon is too old to change. You can't change a man, especially a man like Simon. You have to accept him or the relationship won't work. I don't believe Meghan is trying to change him. I wish them a long and happy marriage.


Once again islami marrying a jew for his money, I have seen it before, it will last few months till splitvill. it is Husainies world now. She been married before and failed, she has something over Sim that he doesn't have, she has experience on how to snatch men and leave them. a never married person shouldn't settle with someone who been married, so the word said.


So... Simon has changed? Well, if the girlfriend is responsible for getting him out of those nasty t-shirts and into that decent white shirt he was wearing, I say "Yay, and congratulations". Keep HER Simon!!!!!!!


I wish Simon and Mehzgan all the best.

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