Melissa Rycroft to Work For Entertainment Tonight

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Melissa Rycroft, who starred on The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars last year, has scored a gig as a special correspondent for Entertainment Tonight.

That won't hurt ratings!

The gorgeous, just-married 26-year-old Texan just agreed to take the job with the entertainment and celebrity news program, according to her rep.

"She debuts on tonight's broadcast and is currently in L.A. working," her rep said. "She's going to stay in Dallas and fly in for special assignments."

We expect Melissa Rycroft to be a natural.

Once an entertainment staple, Melissa has become an entertainment reporter.

Her first assignment? The star-studded "We Are the World" remake. Her rep says ET will also sent her to award ceremonies, premieres and set visits.

Rycroft, who married Tye Strickland in December, is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of showbiz, or reporting on its goings on from the other side.

She's also working for Good Morning America as of last month.

If she's not in the bridal party, we hope she gets assigned to cover the wedding of Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick. In two words: Awk. Ward.


hey thanks for all the wonderful coments you guys gave me thanks again for everthing i loved being a cheerleader and being on cool shows thanks again


I adore Melissa! I can't get enough of her so I'm glad she also landed a gig on ET. She is real and down to earth. By the way, I used to want to be a teacher too, and there's no reason to dis her because she is doing something else. What? Is a teacher the only one good profession in the world? Get real, Karen and Kim.


She is fake.


Wow what can i say.I thought this woman wanted a simple life of being a school teacher.I always thought she was out to further her career and used the show as a way to get there.I am not impressed at all .


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