Mel Gibson Calls Reporter A$$hole on Air

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Mel Gibson did not take too kindly to questioning from a Chicago TV reporter yesterday and hurled an insult at him once he thought the camera was off.

It was not.

A frustrated Mel was on WGN-TV promoting his new film, Edge of Darkness, but kept being hit with questions about ... well, you knew it would come up.

Asked about his drunk, anti-Semitic rampage from 2006 and whether he thinks people view him differently, Mel grew increasingly annoyed via satellite.

After an awkward minute or so, the WGN reporter wrapped up the interview with the actor, told folks to see Mel's movie, and that appeared to be that.

Until Mel, apparently thinking the interview was over, took a swig of his coffee and called the guy an "asshole." Seriously. It's amazing. Check it out:

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Good on Mel. He says it like it is. The pompous little reporter was trying to be smart and shovel the dirt. The incident was years ago when Israel was bombing Lebanon and Mel had a crack at the zionists for launching yet another bloodbath. So much for a free press in the US.


I think its awesome hahaha Go Mel!! I woulda called the guy an asshole too! Some ppl need to move on with their lives.. get out of the past.. Its not like anyone else hasnt ever said anything drunk that they regretted the next day!


Go Mel. Most of these fourth estate folk don't have the need to know anyway as they just stir the pot to get a rise in their own ratings. America is purile, has narrow minded and puritanical attitudes comparate with the rest of the world and has been deemed to be clinically insane as a nation. Of course the dammed jews are at fault. They are the new Nazi's. Check out Palestine/ Warsaw ghetto. Come home Mel and live in a country that doesn't take itself so seriously.( Use my anti Paparazzi tool, a super soaker full of Olive Oil. Plays havoc with camera and electronic gear. Cant seem to get a grip on things after a dose of the genuine Bazza's Papa-Zappa. Cheers Mel . Keep on Keeping on. Baz in Noosa Heads Queensland Australia


Leave the poor guy alone- it's difficult being rich beyond imagination, and famous as hell. We should all have empathy.


That' absolutely hilarious! I would have called him that too! Get over it, it was a long time ago people!


o c'mon people. this was 4 years ago for christ's sake!!!! like he said, he moved on. for god's sake it was 4 goddamned years ago. if you did something bad like that 4 years ago, and were attempting to move on, would you like it if with every single interview you did, somehad just had to mention it?? I'd do the same.




Sober up, Mel. You are an egotistical disaster.


Yawn, Mel has been a mid life crisis train wreck for years.
He needs to lose the ego cause in the "biz" you're only as good as your last film and trust me, this ones craptacular!


mel is a douche. perhaps if he ever indicated he were actually sorry for the tirade instead of just trying to downplay or getting more pissed, people would get over it. tiger take note!

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