Mel Gibson Calls Reporter A$$hole on Air

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Mel Gibson did not take too kindly to questioning from a Chicago TV reporter yesterday and hurled an insult at him once he thought the camera was off.

It was not.

A frustrated Mel was on WGN-TV promoting his new film, Edge of Darkness, but kept being hit with questions about ... well, you knew it would come up.

Asked about his drunk, anti-Semitic rampage from 2006 and whether he thinks people view him differently, Mel grew increasingly annoyed via satellite.

After an awkward minute or so, the WGN reporter wrapped up the interview with the actor, told folks to see Mel's movie, and that appeared to be that.

Until Mel, apparently thinking the interview was over, took a swig of his coffee and called the guy an "asshole." Seriously. It's amazing. Check it out:

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I agree with Mel,, lthe Reporter was way out of line,, apparently the reporter was trying to get attention to himself by bringing up old news,, this is called news by sensationalism, Used often in the media to try to get ratings or attention through poor interviewing tactics, and as you see, on this occasion,, he succeeded,,, the mike was probably left on, on purpose,,, I fully expect it was,,,There is no excuse for this typy of Journalism,, but unfortunately most Reporters do it, and as do most of the magazines, and the T.V. Networks, it is simply an example of American reporting,,, The Journalists, many of them,,feel they must offer sensationalism, or smut, or salacious material to get attention,, or readership, or viewership, this unfortunately, is also the case in their News reporting,,, but I suppose we have to live with it,but we should all realize it, and take most news stories with a grain of salt,, and suspect the veracity of the story.


Before MelGibson is our favorite actor and saw most of his movies....But n ow NO MORE...He is an ASSHOLE too...!!!As if you werfe having a case of drjug users and a drunkard...


Apparently the reporter is allowed to throw as much shit as he wants to publicly humiliate someone live on air but no-ones allowed to say anything back. What an arsehole!


I thought the reporter earned the label Mel gave him.


Hey Mel Gibson, He gets all the attention, you call him asshole,actor, a drunk, what a bummer! Maybe he is on or under medical, doctor care. Hey Mel Gibson, from a friend, GET Back To Where You Belong or Want To BE. One of these day, maybe I will get to work with you. Thank you for the entertainment.


The media is totally out of control. I would have called him more than an 'asshole'.


LOL!! The reporter had it comin'. It's what the reporter gets for bringing up old news in the past. Why do reporters always dwell on old news, it's over and done with. The reporter was lucky it wasn't a live interview he'd probably have a blackeye.


I don't care for Gibson how hw handled his family situation, but he apologized. How many times must he say he's sorry? Move past it! Thats Hollywwod . They're all crazy!


LOL. I don't particularly like Mr G after hearing about how he treats his wife. But he is right. Four years? Get a freaking life you media maggots. After seeing morons like you keep trying to hit nothing for nearly 20 years, HAHAHAHA! If all you have to earn a living is destroying others, you need to have the same level of expository crap digging aimed at you as you do at others. God you suck.


Is there a bunch of journalism majors up in here? Reporters are assholes as much as stars are douchebags. Remember Jim Gray berating Pete Rose a few years back? Also, Mel isn't asking to be on TV, it's the studio making him sell the movie. He came on to answer questions about the movie, not his past. This WGN turd who's paid to do movie promo interviews was trying to make a name for himself off another person's troubled past. He's not mother theresa. The media is worse than shit. At least shit doesn't want your picture in the paper.

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