Madonna and Jesus Luz: It's So Over

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They've been the subject of wedding and even baby rumors recently, but now Madonna and Jesus Luz have made news for a very different reason.

The Queen of Pop and her teenage boy toy broke up.

Okay, we lied just now. Jesus Luz is not actually a teen (he's 23). But when you consider he was dating a 51-year-old, the model might as well be.

Occasional paparazzi shots aside, it’s always been debatable what kind of relationship the two truly shared. But the split was supposedly amicable.

The Daily Mail reported that they not only broke up on good terms, "but it was Luz who initiated the split. It’s the age difference. He’s 23. She’s 51."

How long could it last?

Madonna, Jesus Luz Kiss

Jesus Luz and Madonna at the W shoot that started it all.

"How it even lasted a year seems a miracle to a lot of people. Jesus is perfectly nice, a gentleman and very smart. But they are in such different places in their lives," said a source. "They both benefited, but it’s pretty much over now."

"Madonna said, 'We just run out of things to talk about. I mean, it’s pushing it for us to have common ground. We have Kabbalah, that’s about it.'"

Oh well, as long as they "both benefited." Here's a look at some of the best shots of Madonna and Jesus Luz from their long and storied history ...

Madonna, Jesus Luz, Kids
Jesus Luz and Madonna
Jesus Luz and Madonna Photo

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what ever guys! its their life.let them enjoy!


madonna the old whore wanst young blood. If she doesnt drop dead soon shell be too old to even buy a young guy. Madonna is OLD SCHOOL whore. Hell has a special place reserved for this disgusting creature.


Nope, sorry losers. get your facts straight. They are still together, it's been 17months. It's always so easy for losers such as yourselves to sit behind a computer screen and pass judgement on others. Why don't you try helping the world and think more about your personal growth then sit around and be cunts?


To me Madonna was only after sexual satisfaction.She picked on Luz because he is young so has the vigour and sexy too.Luz on the other hand is a gold digger.


Madonna is a 'user' - everything to her is a business transaction, and this has been proven many times during her career.


We hope the little queens will take the old bag for a few millions!


She is still got it!!..Always will have it!!..Age is nothing but a Number...:-)


she is soooo old.


They're both attention whores. They wanted publicity, so they ginned up their phony baloney "relationship". Madonna's a has been clutching at her fading fame.

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