Love on the Links? Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez Go on Golfing Date

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If Tiger Woods has taught us anything, it's that a short game can go a long way with the ladies.

Nick Jonas appeared to have heeded this lesson, as he took rumored girlfriend on a golfing date yesterday.

Buzz about Jonas and Gomez rekindling their relationship started to circulate last month, as the female singer accompanied Nick and his new band on a couple tour stops.

When Jonas was later asked about Selena, he didn't confirm the pair were dating... but he didn't exactly deny it, either.

Now that the two have been spotted on the golf course - discussing club selection and water traps... if you know what we mean! - expect the rumor mill to go into hyper drive this week. As long as Nick and Selena are happy, we're happy...

Golfing Duo
Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez
Love on the Links
Wanna Feel My Club?

FOREPLAY? Nick and Jonas and Selena Gomez hit the golf course this weekend, amidst rumors that are also hitting "it" in private. [Photos:]

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Selena Gomez they say that u & Nick r goin out that is not true right read this please yuliet


Hi its me again I LOVE U NICK look if u want a other girl just hang there u will FIND HER DON'T WORY u read this please Nick by yuliet


Just because they r together do not mean that they r a couple!!!!" by your friend yuliet


Just coz they played golf together dont mean anything....but nick get over her this is my oppion but come on how many times have u done this and u broken up nick she is not good 4 u stay friends... but true she way better than miley...miley is a ho bitch and should stay right away from nick she is making slutty music videos now we know ur growing up but come on!!!! nick i love u to death and if u read this take my addvice stay friends and find just the right girl!!! ;)
-bronny xoxo


well, i hope they are together, but if they don't i hope they still friends, i really love them together, they're perfect for each other. =]


um, them walking together does not mean they are a couple.


They are not dating. They are just friends. I sad when two people can not hang out with out people assuming their together.


Selena...what are you doing?!!?!??!!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


I HATE SELENA . he shouldnt be with him


oh no they are not a couple

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