Lorenzo Lamas and Shawna Craig: Engaged!

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The fifth time is the charm for Lorenzo Lamas. Maybe.

The actor, who has been married four times already, threw an engagement party for fiancée Shawna Craig at Mr. Chow’s restaurant in Beverly Hills.

We aren't sure exactly when the pair decided to get hitched, but we hadn't reported on this before now, so here goes. Better late than never, right?

This event is significant for several reasons:

  • Shawna Craig will be the second Mrs. Lamas with that name (following the legendary, predominantly plastic sex tape star Shauna Sand)
  • At 23, she is younger than Lorenzo's daughter Shayne Lamas
Lorenzo Lamas, Shawna Craig

We give it three weeks. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Among the revelers toasting to the couple was none other than Shayne, who you may recall was the winner of Season 12 of ABC's The Bachelor. She and Matt Grant were engaged for a few days ... guess she's daddy's little girl, eh?

Lorenzo's other daughter Dakota Lamas and actor Michael Evers were also present. We wish the couple nothing but the best in their brief engagement!


Sometimes a person seems like the right one, but isn't. It always takes two. This time he seems to have gotten it right for him - and for her too. Best Wishes for happiness and success to both of you!


I grew up with her and she is a sweet girl. She worked hard to get where she is and is not using lorenzo for his money. Those who are saying she is are most likely jealous because no one else from our town ends up making the kind of money she makes.


haha this is disgusting all she wants is fame and money, shes jus with him cuz she is tryin to build her career believe me i know her quite well.


She's the creepy, weird one. Why would a young 23 yr old girl want to be with a 52 yr old man.....oh yeah, celebrity. I'm not sure why the comments are that HE'S the creepy one. They are both disgusting and creepy and apparently deserve each other. They should be separated by the 4th of July!!!


HAHAHAHA!!! i grew up with this chick, she knows exactly what she's doing!!! if i had any advice to give, it would be to mr. lamas...hope you sign a freaking prenup!! she's a maneater!! your mother must be so proud of you shawna...


I feel for her - she is 23!!! he is and old dog broke -
with so many kids? whats wrong with him? is creepy - i dont think it will last..............good luck!


You have to like a man who is the marrying type,yet you have to question the judgement of the woman who looks forward to marrying
someone who has been legally married so often.What you see is not always what you get!!


Can I come to the wedding? I've never been to a wedding before where it was the groom's #5. I watched a few episodes of his TV show a few months ago. What happened to that girlfriend? Yesterdays news, I guess.


she should be with his son ha ha......


I know age is but a number but I guess given the fact that this guys track record is less than perfect, the thought of a man his age dating a girl young enough to be his daughter just gives me the creeps.