Larry Birkhead: The Latest Cry for Attention

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This is how a real pimp rolls.

Once the cameras grow weary of your attempts to remain in the news by thrusting your daughter in the spotlight, you must adjust. How does a dedicated, shameless attention-getter change things up?

By exploiting his deceased child's mother, right, Larry Birkhead? The former lover of Anna Nicole Smith was spotted out in attire that bears her face this week.

Cry for Attention
Serious Pimp

Larry Birkhead: Anne Nicole Smith t-shirts, and dignity, for sale! [Photos:]

A photographer, Birkhead knows what sells. That's why he's seen here in a shirt that honors Anna Nicole Smith in the most appropriate way possible: by milking her likeness for fame and fortune.

It's really not a question of how much Birkhead made for posing with this top on. It may have been nothing at all. It's a question of how he sleeps at night.

** THG CORRECTION: Larry Birkhead is not a pimp in the literal sense. He does not manage a harem of prostitutes. We jokingly used the term to refer to his propensity for shamelessly posing for pictures with his daughter, an endeavor for which he is likely paid. We regret the error.


I agree with every word he doesn't appear to be a good dad at all. He looks like he is using his daughter to make money and to be famous. He should keep his daughter far, far away from that like style and find a good wife to help him raise her. But i guess he would have to share the fame and the few dollars he's milkin off of his kid for...Shame on him! Anna died because she was treated the same way like a peice of meet to be photographed. Lets here about her education and her intellgence...this is getting old.


EVERYBODY stay off LARRYS NUTS! You people are way to Jealous! Get a mother fucking Lives!


Pride 2010 all you can eat sweet pea Buffet! DERRICK booty waddle will sell the tasty treat! so everybody head on down to the Tabloid and get you's a coupon 10,000 dolla off sponsored by the national MIss Bitch Festival! We will Take food stamps! get them while they are HOT! MR RUDE!


LARRY AND ANNA are 2 sexy people!!!!!!


Really, Larry? Just when I thought that he had given up the camera, he comes roaring back. Too bad that the shirt is not appropriate for court appearances- I bet it would have an interesting effect on any potential jurors in the pending Howard K. Stern wrongful death suit. Speaking of trials, any chance that the 9th circuit will issue a ruling on Marshal v. Marshal any time soon? The longer they wait, the more time scrupulous gold diggers have to attempt to circumvine the well respected probate system via strategic bankruptcy (ala ANS). We really need them to come back soon- if not for all of those who want to be secure in their wills, for Dannielynn, who may be responsible for the ever mounting legal bills!


I totally agree with "something out of nothing," this is soooo lame and you are the ONLY ones that seem to have a problem with this. I think it's very sweet that Larry is sporting an Anna shirt. I have a permanate Anna Nicole tattoo and am proud to sport it for the rest of my life, in her memory.


Who cares? I have 2 Anna Nicole shirts, and no, I'm not famous, but maybe, like me, he wanted to wear it in honor of the recently passed anniversary. Anna liked to have face around, and LOVED the idea of herself being PERMANENTLY tattooed on people's bodies (as she is on mine)...What's so slimy about keeping Anna's memory alive? It says in this article that "he knows what sells"....What is the original source of this picture? Because I have only seen it here. So, so far, you guys seem to be the only one "buying".


I do not see any thing wrong,with the t-shirt,When Anna first passed away,I want at this mall where I live,and there was a guy with a booth there making shirts with Anna and Dannielyn pictures on them.he was selling them.I asked him did he have the right,to be do this,selling those shirt,he said no one could stop him.People will do any thing to make a buck,not just Larry.


Just when you thought he couldn't get any slimier, he pulls out this.


i like the t-shirt. yer just being catty. stfu.


Larry Birkhead Quotes

She has a boyfriend. Count from Seasame Street.

Larry Birkhead [on his daughter]

I think about life in a different way. I had kidney stones and was in the hospital for a week in July. I was freaking out thinking, If something happens to me, Dannielynn is by herself. I'm all this little one has left.

Larry Birkhead