Kristen Stewart Praises Robert Pattinson in Remember Me

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Though some people question the validity of the source, it now seems official: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a couple.

The former Twilight Saga star stated this in simple terms to The Sun over the weekend.

With that in mind, Stewart's recent praise of Robert's performance in Remember Me can be seen as a girlfriend supporting her man. Isn't that sweet?

“I’ve seen the movie, I’m going to just say... He’s really good in the movie.” Stewart told MTV News. “It’s like, he’s everything I know he is. I know he can do any film.”

Red Carpet Kristen

Kristen continued:

"Not everybody can play every part. He is really strong in the movie. Maybe people won’t really expect that - he’s quite bold, which is great.”

To that sentence, she then added... in bed!

Okay, fine. We added that. We're just excited that Robsten is out in the open now and psyched to go see Remember Me. Will you be lining up for this March 12 release?

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Lol.Your name says it all I'm cracking up over hell yeah I'm going too c it the first day it comes out but I really wanna c it more of because...THERE SHOWING THE FIRST TRAILER OF ECLIPSE!!!!!So excited!


Wow she already saw his movie before its premier?... How? Maybe she was with Rob, when they (Summit) were reviewing the film before final cut?... She must be special then to get to this privilage -must be! dont you all think?


i love robert!!! he is sooooooooo cute!! these 2 make a great pair!!


hahahaha "your name says it all" that was a cracker of a comeback lol. happy scrubbing :P


Hi Chloe with a name like that, I have a feeling you are no better looking than my toilet bowl cleaning brush! In fact, I think I shall rename it. I'm off to scrub thee toilet with my handy Chloey brush. Nice huh?


I still think she's ugly, but Rob is good looking in a weird kind of way as well, so, live on ROBSTEN!!!