Kris Jenner to Scott Disick: Stop Sucking!

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The day after Keeping Up with the Kardashians set an E! ratings record with 4.8 million viewers, Kris Jenner spoke to the network that made her family famous and focused on the unit's most obvious black sheep:

Scott Disick.

The mother of Khloe and Kim Kardashian has made her feelings on Kourtney's baby daddy clear, often mocking his status as an "entrepreneur" and urging Scott to find something he's "passionate about."

You know, like feeding your children unhealthy weight loss supplements.

"I want someone who's dedicated to Kourtney and the baby, who has something to get up for every day - not just get up and go get a tan in the backyard," Kris told E! News."It's not just success monetarily. It's finding something you love to do. I'm as hard on Rob as I am on Scott. I set the bar really high and expect a lot out of my kids."

The show finished filming over nine months ago and Jenner says "a lot's happened since." This would include the raising of Mason Dash, Scott and Kourtney's adorable son.

Kris adds that "when you date one of my kids, you date all of us" and she means that literally: no way you're courting anyone in that family without signing an E! contract.


Well actually Hellion,She isn't spoiled,she is/or was pregnant in some of the shows,and where was Scott?Sitting down by the Kardashians pool,getting a tan!I mean the dude obviously really needs a reality check,because if he thinks he's in a fairy tale,he needs to wake up,and smell the coffee.She is/was pregnant for some shows,and she is doing everything alone at her house,from putting Mason's room together,to going to a breast feeding class,BY HERSELF!!!!Khloe had to go with her,and she really needs to go and find a better man/husband/father.She just won't give him up!He got drunk at Kim's B-day party,and he shoved a 100 dollar bill into the waiter's mouth at the reasturant.He beat up Rob and i don't think you mlike even watch this show!!


Im really addicted to this show,and saw the marathon yesterday,{Feb.21}.Me and my mom were like bypolar yesterday because of all the crazy things that the Kardashians do!


No offense but what do any of them do? The girl with the baby is spoiled and when things get rough she wants to trade in her boyfriend. I feel sorry for this dude. He has to compete with two black athletes (who are probably never around) and has to deal with such a sham of a family.


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