Kourtney Kardashian Takes Baby Pimping to New Level

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Note to Larry Birkhead: the baby pimping bar has been raised to a new level. Will you meet it?

To do so, Anna Nicole Smith's baby daddy will need to bring his young child on to a radio show and then act as if he's doing it just to see a pal.

That's what Kourtney Kardashian actually did yesterday, lugging newborn Mason Dash Disick to the studio for Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show.

"How cute is baby Mason?!" Seacreast asked, happily playing the role of enabler to one of the stars of a series he producers. "Is baby ready to feed? He's looking for your breast."

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian accompanied their exploitive sisiter to the show, as Kourtney wrote on her blog: "I take Mason everywhere with me. We had to stop in and surprise Ryan!"

Of course they did. The show is televised, after all. Can little Mason say photo op?!?

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Definition of publicity hounds,look in the dictionary,and there is a picture of The Kasdashian Women.


I'm shocked she didn't sell videos of the birth!! Media whores need attention and just because they gave birth isn't going to slow them down one bit. Ryan Seacrud loves publicity any way he can get it.


Aww, yeah how CUTE. Right, that baby's immune system isn't even developed, lets put a microphone up to his face and pass him around a dirty radio station!! Smart!! Really smart!! Show him off when he's like 6 months, not 3 weeks!! Damn!


Damn kan she not be proud of her baby and show him off????? I know i would want the whole world to see how beautiful my babies are too if i had the chance!!!!!


awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i love watching the kardashians well done kroutney


Belicoso: No question: LB "wins" that particular pimping contest.


I mean I suppose it is a toss up as to what is worse: selling the coverage of your daughter at her gold-digger mom's grave or bringing your newly-born infant into the studio to do a radio segment. And I do not believe for a second that Seacrest wasn't in on this. What incredible radio...the sounds of an infant and the publicity hungry mother, grandmother, sister and producer! At least the folks the Kardashians are attempting to profit from (viewers/listeners) are willing participants, the same could not be said of the Marshall family whom Anna Nicole tried to borderline extort in her well-documented and ludicrous legal battle.


Larry Birkhead is HOMOSEXUAL failed actor turned paparazzo who impregnated mentally sick, middle aged, drug addict Anna Nicole in order to become rich and famous. Anna Nicole and all her friends knew that Birkhead was homosexual because he lived with his boyfriend Byron. Birkhead broke sperm donor contract with Anna Nicole because he was greedy, that's why she fled to Bahamas. Birkhead doesn't have job for years. He sells pictures of Anna's child to tabloids. It's his only source of income. He raked 2$ mil. from TMZ, ET, Access Hollywood,..

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