Kourtney Kardashian: Betrayed by Scott Disick?!?

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While Kim Kardashian is off celebrating the Saints Super Bowl victory with Reggie Bush, it sounds like her sister has far more pressing issues to deal with in her relationship.

If you believe skeezy supermarket tabloids, that is.

The latest issue of In Touch Weekly claims Kourtney has been betrayed - sorry, BETRAYED! - by her baby's daddy, Scott Disick.

As you can see, the cover claims that Scott was caught with another woman and Kourtney discovered suspcious text messages on his phone, Elin Nordegren style.

The odds of either of these stories being backed up with evidence? Lower than Jake Pavelka actually marrying this season's winner on The Bachelor.

The odds that the Kardashian PR team paid to have this cover story made, in order for Kourtney to deny it and garner sympathy/attention? Very high.

There actually might be some legitimacy to accusations that Disick is not the father of Mason Dash, though. Rumors that Michael Girgenti actually implanted his semen into Kourtney started to spread in December.

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