Kim Kardashian Leads Star-Studded Opening of NYC Fashion Week

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On opening night of New York Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian proved she can strike a pose that does not include bending over for Ray J on video.

The reality TV star strutted down the the runway at The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection Show yesterday. In one of the photos below, she blows a kiss to Reggie Bush, who was kind enough to sit in the front row on his girlfriend's big night:

On the Katwalk
Strutting Her Stuff
Kim on Catwalk

Numerous other celebrities also attended the charity event. Among them?

An American Idol champion, a super model, a talk show host, someone with no pants on and a singer that stuck pearls to her face. You'll never guess to whom we're referring with that final description.

Click on the pics below to find out...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck at Fashion Week
Pregnant Bethenny Frankel
Nothing But Sparks
Pearly Face

Good job,K'! Way to grab hold of the designing world and fashion show with both hands! I knew you could do-it! By the way: The red dress you wear in those pic's above? The only thing more exquisite--is the woman wearing it...Keep-up the good work. Later-on;Hollywood...

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