Kendra Wilkinson, OK! Weekly Continue to Set Horrible Examples

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Shame on you, Kendra Wilkinson. You're a mother now. It's time to set a good example.

Not a week has gone by in 2010 where Kendra has not been featured on the cover of a supermarket tabloid. She's not exactly talented. She needs to make money somehow. We get that.

But the latest issue of OK! Weekly continues a disturbing trend by magazines across the nation, most notably this pathetic rag: the focus on post-pregnancy weight loss.

Even Kourtney Kardashian acknowledges that it's perfectly acceptable to not return to a size two immediately upon giving birth. One is tired, one is taking care of a newborn, it's quite alright if one's figure shows the signs of new motherhood.

But is Kendra willing to take a stand against the unhealthy message that women must go on a strict diet as soon as a baby is no longer in their womb? Not if she can get paid for promoting it!

Bikini and a Baby

Wilkinson says she goes through "45 minutes of hardcore training and weightlifting," followed by the treadmill until she's tired. She also does squats and lunges. Hey, it's easy to find time for this routine when you have no actual job and can pay a nanny to look after your son.

Kendra's goal? To look like Kim Kardashian.

"She can be my motivation to try and get the best booty in Hollywood!" she tells the magazine.

THG's goal? For everyone to boycott OK! Weekly. Will you help us make this into a reality?


Let's hope she doesn't turn into Kate who started bossing Josh around. Once u turn into a "bitch with kids", well dump your ass. Real men don't put up with that shit! There's plenty of pussy out there...we don't need yours if you're going to disrespect us. Good luck Kendra....just keep sucking his B======D and you'll be fine. Worship the cock just like the man and all is goooooood!


I got back in shape soon after giving birth too. I'm sorry I didn't want to be some fat, fat, fatty for months. Good for her. She bounced back. Most women do who aren't 40 when they push out their first kid. More power to her. Woman do not need to gain a ton weight when they're pregnant. That's how you get gestational diabetes. Eat healthy while pregnant and you will lose the weight.


This is exactly what we need more of.... THG you guys said it right.... Kendra is setting a terrible and unrealistic example for real moms that dont have the ability to work out in their at home gym while their day and night nannies raise their child.... The expectation that someone can be toned and tiny 8 weeks after giving birth is insane.... I am boycotting OK!


So she's saying she doesn't want to be some fat-ass mother coasting on her babyweight and her god-given right to be a fat lard-ass after giving birth? HOW DARE SHE?


She's a f-ing ho! Eat this Kendra B====D ~~~


R U CRAZY? She's gotten off her butt and exercised, and you want to ban her & OK for tellin' us about it? No.... Way....!
I gained 20lbs with my 4 pregnancies and looked just like Kendra a month after giving birth. Some can bounce back and some have to work hard at it for months on end.
I'm proud of her for getting back to her ol' self.


she is a young playboy model, petite and extremely athletic....this is the way she has always been...she is not doing anything differently that she did prior to having the baby...why are you such haters???

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