Kendra Wilkinson, OK! Weekly Continue to Set Horrible Examples

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Shame on you, Kendra Wilkinson. You're a mother now. It's time to set a good example.

Not a week has gone by in 2010 where Kendra has not been featured on the cover of a supermarket tabloid. She's not exactly talented. She needs to make money somehow. We get that.

But the latest issue of OK! Weekly continues a disturbing trend by magazines across the nation, most notably this pathetic rag: the focus on post-pregnancy weight loss.

Even Kourtney Kardashian acknowledges that it's perfectly acceptable to not return to a size two immediately upon giving birth. One is tired, one is taking care of a newborn, it's quite alright if one's figure shows the signs of new motherhood.

But is Kendra willing to take a stand against the unhealthy message that women must go on a strict diet as soon as a baby is no longer in their womb? Not if she can get paid for promoting it!

Bikini and a Baby

Wilkinson says she goes through "45 minutes of hardcore training and weightlifting," followed by the treadmill until she's tired. She also does squats and lunges. Hey, it's easy to find time for this routine when you have no actual job and can pay a nanny to look after your son.

Kendra's goal? To look like Kim Kardashian.

"She can be my motivation to try and get the best booty in Hollywood!" she tells the magazine.

THG's goal? For everyone to boycott OK! Weekly. Will you help us make this into a reality?


Can't believe the trash outta some of these comments. REAL men don't even say shit like that! Besides she's a freakin superstar that wouldn't give any of you the time of day& all the negative comments are just guys hatin cuz your broke as shit! Try going through almost 10months of pregnancy and giving birth before opening your mouth w/ all kinds of shit you know NOTHING ABOUT! More power to Moms everywhere! Do whatever you want to be happy w/ YOURSELF!


Sex sells and she knows how to do it... there is nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful stop hating on her...specially when your on spotlight appearances matter.. yea she has the time for it cuz she doesn't have a "real job" but guess what... shes making way more money than you! and all you guys talking trash is what will keep her on the spotlight and give more publicity which equals more money... so keep talking trash!!


Just look at the 2 pics that are posted up there.....notice how her baby is strategically placed in front of her belly?? Do you honestly think that she lost all that weight in 8 weeks?? Something to think about!


You are all silly boycotting OK magazine why ,because Kendra looks great and cares about her looks more people should do the same thing.I had 3 kids and I am in shape and guess what I eat good and I work out to. I think that it is great keep it up Kendra your awesome band I love your show.


She still looks overweight. She needs to lose another 25 pounds before she puts on that bikini again.


U guys need to get a life ive had two kids and im back to my normal weight i didnt excerzise at all some women just bounce back instead of judging kendra worry about ur own lives


How else can she keep herself in the spotlight? She will have to support her husband once the Colts kick him to the curb. She's famous for dating Hugh Hefner and being trashy on reality tv shows. Not like she has an education to fall back on. The brain surgery department aren't ringing her telephone and beating down her door to come work at the hospital.


My point isn't that it's a bad idea to lose weight after pregnancy. More power to women that want to be in shape. My point was that tabloids set a bad example by constantly reinforcing the stereotype that women HAVE to be on diets and must have some ideal figure.


Nika, u need to get a life instead of talking about ur boring life and ur bloated bodies. Men don't care...just spread ur legs and shut up. U women use kids as TOOLS to get what u want in a divorce. I'd like to shove by balls into ur mouth and watch u choke on my knob. Bah ha ha


I've always been a petite woman and I've gained 40lbs with each of my three pregnancies (I'm due next month in fact), and I've always lost the weight quickly with a healthy diet and exercise. After walking around like a baby beluga for months I can't wait to get back to my normal self and every time I get criticized for "neglecting my baby" and "being selfish" and all that other crap that's being piled on Kendra. WHY? Taking care of yourself is as much for your baby as it is for you. I take pride in myself and my family and would rather not be one of those moms who wears her maternity jeans until my kid is in first grade. To 'arealmom' and all the other haters, spend your energy doing something healthy for yourself instead of bashing motivated women. It shows your jealousy and is both petty and pathetic.

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