Katherine Jackson on Conrad Murray: He's a Monster

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Not long after Dr. Conrady Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter today, those close to Michaej Jackson - whose death the physician is suspected to have been responsible for - reacted in outrage.

"He's a monster," said MJ's mother, Katherine (pictured), after the arraignment.

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Brian Oxman, the family's veteran lawyer for Jackson's father Joseph, was equally disgusted with the judge's decision.

"This charge is a slap on the wrist," he said. "There's great disappointment here. [Conrad Murray] should've been charged with a higher degree of responsibility. What he did was reckless. It was a disregard for human life."

Michael's sister Latoya also chimed in, putting everything in a disturbing context:

“Michael was murdered and although he died at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray, I believe Dr. Murray was a part of a much larger plan. There are other individuals involved and I will not rest and I will continue to fight until all of the proper individuals are brought forth and justice is served."

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If someone is paying you to be their private doctor you are putting their life in your hands. You are authority, it's like paying security guards to protect your life, paying a babysitter etc. so how the hell can you blame MJ, secondly stop talking about everything that happened in 2004, because its done and dusted, stop being so gullable if you guys are really interested in whether Michael molested the kids or not why don't you do your own research, but you wouldn't because your just sponges for the media, and since when was the media a factual source? idiots. If I gave a patient a cocktail of drugs and anaesthetic to sleep, yeah I probably would be a monster, cuz that is putting someones life's in danger, doctors are suppose to save lives. R.I.P. MJ, and stop with the racism.


I'm very shocked and disappointed by some of these comments. It's sad that some people are still brainwashed by the media.
Come on people, wake up and do some research before leaving horrible comments and accusing an innocent man of being a filthy pedophile. Anybody that has looked into the court cases know that MJ was the real victim in all that happened. It's disgusting what he had to go through. Michael Jackson faced his lying accusers and was found NOT GUILTY by a conservative jury of his peers. To the people who make ignorant and hateful comments, please ask youself whether you form your opinon on Michael Jackson based on facts and not just from lies printed by tabloids. I think Michael Jackson is the most misunderstand human being in history, he had such a tragic life, he didn't deserve any of what he had to go through. RIP


People! How simple can I say this. Leave it alone, Everything in dark will come to light and that's God words. If this doctor took part in killing MJ just let God take care of it. That's what wrong with us now, we're always trying to do God job. Mrs. Katherine Jackson you're a woman with much wisdom,You know what to do. I feel MJ should rest in peace. Hear me good!!What ever happen in Micheal's home will one day be told and the truth will come out.Take these words from a person that know. Micheal was a kind and humble person, yes!he may have done some wrong things and that's not for us to judge, yes! that doctor may have took part in MJ death, but spending mega bucks aint gonna solve the problem on neither side. God job is free. To the entire Jackson family! do MJ request and take care of his childrens. Let God handle the rest.


I agree with Nic. The fact that anyone would talk in that kind of tone, just shows how ignorant they are. I mean reading some of the posts, these people sound ridiculous. They think MJ is a creep etc. yet it's okay for them to talk like that about a human being they don't even know. Hypocritical in a very big way. Anyway, I don't EVER remember it ever being proven that MJ molested anyone. I am not saying it didn't happen but was there physical proof or is it his word against another. Secondly, to the parent who sued MJ for molestation, what kind of parent lets their young son stay overnight with a grown man, Isn't that kind of odd. Didn't the kid come out and deny it later on?? My take with the Jackson family is that I agree with them that this guy was a monster, but are they just realizing it now? Shouldn't they have reported it to authorities earlier if they felt it was wrong, or did they not have a clue about the doctor until after MJ died?


I believe Dr. Conrad Murray should be sentenced to a much longer time. The man took a life. I realize all life is precious, but Michael Jackson was such a strong believer in charities and helping others, Dr. Murray took millions of lives when administering these drugs to Michael.
I cannot believe that in this day and age we still have such disgusting hateful and totally ignorant people in the world. These comments show this and more!
I certainly hope that Dr. Murray comes to his senses and takes his punishment for contributing in the death of one of the greatest human beings ever, and does not force the courts to have Michael's children testify. Let them have some peace-their father who they loved dearly is gone forever.


That is NOT a photo of Katherine Jackson after Murray's arraignment. Michael is in the background! That was Michael's arraigment.


Wow! Some we have some highly educated, reasonable people commenting on this site don't we?! Jesus Christ! You are a bunch of ignorant, racist morons! The woman's son is dead and it is likely due, at least in some part to an irresponsible quack doctor. Of course she thinks he's a monster! Are you people forgetting that Michael Jackson was found innocent of child molestation and his accusers thoroughly discredited? Or that his recently released FBI file showed that there was not a shred of evidence to suggest any wrong doing? You people are the reason this world is such an awful place. You are ignorant and judgemental.


i wouldnt go as far as some of the comments made and pull the race card but the mothers obviously pretty far off center to call this doctor a monster compared to her creepy diddling son


Conrad Murray is the greatest physician in the history of medical science!Thanks to him,untold numbers of 12 year old white boys will not be fondled by Mocha Skeletor!


i think the charge is fair, Michael was 50 years old, and he was responsibile too.

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