Kate Gosselin Returning to The View

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Kate Gosselin is headed back to television. Just not on her own talk show, as has been rumored. She'll be returning to a familiar gabfest as a guest host.

The former reality mom will once again be on The View March 11.

Kate and Tony Picture

She last sat around the table of the talk show in September when she replaced Elisabeth Hasselbeck for three days while she was on maternity leave.

This time, Hasselbeck will be present along with Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and a lot of yelling and screaming.

Jon Gosselin, meanwhile, will be present in every tabloid who will take his picture along with new piece Morgan Christie, surely drawing Kate's ire.

Ugh. Enough, Kate. We get the point.


I posted my comments about her on the view on the blog about her new book, so i'll stay consistent and post my comments on her new book here. re her new book: it's NOT new, it's the same old stuff, see all good real writers know you don't have to waste time and energy writing new stuff, just take what someone wrote for you the first time, shuffle the pages around and voila' a new book. Don't worry about it making sense, what she's shoveling doesn't need to make sense.


no no no no enough give us a brake this woman is well known for what, having 8 kids then complaing she can,t afford them , whats wrong with this picture . by the way babara walters needs to retire if this is the best she can come up with her


go get her whoopi if anyone can put this idiot back in her box it,s whoopi, shame i wont be whatching can,t stand this woman so false I for one will not be whatcing the view while she on it as a guess


the last time this woman was on the view she had nothing to contribute except looking like a wanabee, whatch out girls she thinks she,s all that, surely the view must have more interesting people than this idiot, she,s had her 15 minutes of fame, I will not whatch the show while she,s appearing on it,


you,ve got to be kidding, how boring they {the view} must be scraping the bottom of the barrel to have her back on the show , I only whatch the show because of whoopi,this woman is as false as they come I hope whoopi shows her up for the idiot she is


I WILL BE WATCHING...I Admire Kate for many reasons. She deserves all her TV success. Go Kate... plus I love the fact that when Kate gets a magazine cover , co-host gig and a new TLC show, it causes the Haters to piss and chit in their depends... LMAO !!!!


Hey Judy! Get real! Who watches angelina jolie's children when she does movies? Why can't a regular person not do it? I am happy and proud for Kate! I am sure it isn't easy with Jon with another young rich girl. Keep moving forward, Kate!




Love her or hate her, at least she is trying to make a living for her and the kids.


I am glad you made the announcement as I will not be watching the view next week. I mean come on enough is enough with the Jon and Kate. It's getting old. There are so many other things in the world going on I mean they can not get anyone else for the view shame on Barbara Walters. Watch the ratings go down which it should.

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