Kate Gosselin on Jon's Penis: "It's Stubby"

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Last week, Hailey Glassman told Steppin' Out magazine that her ex-beau Jon Gosselin's penis is "tiny, tiny, tiny." Not a lot of room for interpretation there.

It looks like she's not alone in her assessment, either.

According to Us Weekly, Jon's former wife Kate Gosselin had a somewhat different, but similarly critical way of referring to his manhood, or lack thereof:


Imagery we do not need on a sleep-deprived Monday morning.

The former Mr. & Mrs. Stubby in happier times.

According to a family source, Kate would joke with friends and family about Jon's genital shortcomings, and even called him "Stubby" to his face to mock him.

Sounds like something that grating nag would do.

Jon is currently getting cozy with new girlfriend Morgan Christie, who has yet to comment on the size of Lil' Jon. We give it a couple of weeks, but no more.

Over the weekend we Tweeted at Hailey Glassman, who Jon dated post-Kate and pre-Morgan, about her recent comments and got the response seen below.

No one can accuse her of lacking a sense of humor ... in fact, with an analogy like that, she might make a terrific content writer at The Hollywood Gossip ...

Hailey G. Tweetz

Well for Heaven's sake if John does not have it in the waist I am sure as hell he must have it in the face.


PS VSWILSON excellent comment!!!!!


My husband is Asian. Yes, these guys may not be well endowed, he is the "smallest" man Iv'e ever been with. BUT!!! my guy takes care of business, (and me)!!!! I would not trade him for any "SWINGING D---K!!!! not to mention he is physically PERFECT!!!!! Quit with the penis size! Hey! only a woman with a cavern to fill would complain.


P.S. At some point in your life,you may want to start dating again.There may be other attractive men out in the world, that may want to ask you out,men that are someone and may have something going for themselves,but you are ruining your changes of a decent man who could "really" mean you some good.It does not matter to me, who broke up with whom,I do not get into other people's business,so I do not have to know,but I will say you are being offered career opportunities.Stop repeating what you knew about Romeo for months and still "carried on" with him. What you saw in him then, you see in him now, and you want it back.ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!


What a difference a day make, or is this Same Time Next Year??
Hailey was given time to redeem herself,about that "little"remark that she made last week about Romeo. Ain't nothing like a woman scorned.Young lady I am going to give you just a "little" piece of advice,STOP enlightening the universe about your sexecapes,you make yourself look worst,than the one that you are talking about.
PLEASE: Stop repeating this story about Romeo's "little secret".
REMEMBER: In the words of Tom Arnold,"Even a 747 looks small inside the GRAND CANYON!!!!!!

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