Kardashians Prep for Fashion Week, Sample Breast Milk

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With New York Fashion Week kicking off today, Kim Kardashian is about to make news for something other than her boyfriend winning the Super Bowl and her ex-boyfriend plowing her on video.

Indeed, the Kardashians will actually play a key role in the global event, as Kim struts down the runway tonight; and then hosts an entire show by herself on Tuesday, when her and her sisters' Bebe-sponsored clothing line is featured.

Is Kim nervous leading up to this debut?

"I don't really get too stressed under pressure, so I think this whole fashion stuff, being behind the scenes and being a part of it, really works for me," she told E! News. "Khloé gets really stressed and frazzled... Kourtney is always really calm and almost like too nonchalant."

As for working with her siblings on something other than contrived magazine covers and reality show scripts?

"It's kind of a dream for me to be able to design with my sisters," Kim said. "We each had such a significant role in designing [the line]... It came out like exactly the way we envisioned it!"

In bodily fluid news, meanwhile, Khloe, has something to share with you about Kourtney.

The youngest Kardashian sister felt the need to Tweet the following this morning:
Khloe Tweet

Ummmm, if you really consider that Too Much Information to share, Khloe, why did you then pass it along to your swarm of Twitter followers?

We're guessing breast milk tastes pretty good to Kourtney right now anyway: it's better than the taste of betrayal she's supposedly feeling these days, as a result of Scott Disick's wayward penis.

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i wish her clothing line come to louisiana


Good job,Kim. Adding yet more to your resume,huh? Besides modeling,and(in weeks past)fashion critic for the stars,and now fashion designer...Not bad,K'...I was wondering when you were going to kick things up a notch,and fulfill your potential rather than only being a delicious body with a gorgeous face...Go for-it,Double K!! The only limits are the ones we place on ourselves--remember that,hear? Later;Hollywood...