Julianne Moore: Nude for Bulgari

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Julianne Moore has a message for Elizabeth Hurley: Nipple, schmipple!

During the same week the British star attended a charity event with her boob in full view, Moore proved that elder actresses can take things one step further. She's totally naked in a new campaign for Bulgari.

Moore, whose 30 Rock quotes during her recent run on that NBC sitcom were muddled by her attempt at a Boston accent, poses below in shots by photographers Mert & Marcus. The only things she's wearing?

A handbag, bracelet and earrings...


the top photo is soooo wrong - she is turn her left shoulder and back to the camera, and yet her right shoulder is forward of her face. Its a photoshop major faux pas - this position simply isn't possible!! unless shes hump backed, which I'm sure she isn't