Judge to Levi Johnston: Pay Up!

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It's a good thing Levi Johnston posed for Playgirl: as a result, he should be able to actually support his son.

An Alaskan judge has sided with Bristol Palin and ordered Levi to pay $18,500 in back child support for 13-month-old son Tripp. The deadbeat father could have saved about $18,485 if he had just bought a pack of condoms back in the day.

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Johnston must also shell out $1,688.42 per month in child support.

Their sham of an engagement over, Bristol and Levi have gone from making public appearances to support Sarah Palin's political future to fighting it out in a courtroom.

"Bristol is pleased with the court rulings today and looks forward to resolving the remaining issues with Levi," said lawyer Thomas Van Flein, one of the few family employees that has not resigned due to Sarah Palin's selfish lunacy.

Bristol was present in the courtroom for the ruling. Johnston was not.

"I have received limited and sporadic financial assistance from Levi," she said in a statement, citing Johnston's $105,000 in 2009 earnings, versus his meager payments to her of $4,400.

Where will the pair go from here? Johnston might actually guest star on Desperate Housewives, while Bristol is booked for a hypocritical appearance on The Secret Life of an American Teenager. It's an ironic title for a show on which she'll cameo.

After all, Sarah Palin has gone out of her way to make sure Bristol's life is anything but secret.


The Palin's did NOT make their personal life public, the scumbags who ran Obama's campaign did, supported by the state run media and the supermarket weeklies (does the shoe fit?). The guy is a bum, the spawn of white trash and in need of a job as well. $1,600 is getting off easy. He'll be gone as soon as possible from the baby's life. The only way they can have their privacy is by all the publications backing off - but then that's how the whores make their money, isn't it?


Hopefully, after this "judgement"of child support,the Palin "bunch" will consider keeping their "family values" among themselves.Not having to be on constant display,at some point it seems that Bristol would like to have her privacy back while raising her young child.


I'd look into blackmail on this one. Mom probably holds all the cards on the judge's future. That decision is unjust. I could see him giving the child a percentage of his earnings but to pay over $16 hundred a month is absurd. The Palin's are disguesting and vultures. This is awful, to do this to that young man is beneath contempt.


Levi is scum. But so too are the Palin's. They deserve eachother. Sara put the witch hex on Levi but it backfired onto herself!


Good for her...stick it to that deadbeat...and let all those that support lieing sacks of shit, like Levi, use this as an eye opener...this crappy liberal rag machine is feeding you bullshit; to keep the hype & hate alive...keep on drinking the lie-spiked kool-aid & you will never see the sober truth...radar online is sooo much better btw.....


Bristol has her mommy to thank for this...$1600/month is absurd and I'm sure the next thing we'll see mommy Palin doing is getting Levi arrested when he falls behind on payments. This whole family is a joke...Bristol needs to get a job.

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