Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly: Choose a Side

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While it came across more like a conversation between two reluctant friends than an epic battle between good and evil, Jon Stewart appeared on The O'Reilly Factor last night.

The Fox News host tried to engaged The Daily Show anchor by referring to his audience as “stoned slackers who love Obama,” but Stewart didn't take the bait. He merely responded with a chuckle and carefully laid out President Obama's first-year strengths and weaknesses.

It was a nuanced, fair explanation, the kind Fox News viewers must have been utterly confounded by. Watch an exchange between the hosts below:

It's clear Stewart appeared on the wrong show, as he admitted O'Reilly was the "sanest" voice at the network, although he added: “That’s like being the thinnest kid at fat camp.”

Put the Comedy Central star against Glenn Beck, however, and we'd imagine the sparks would fly. Stewart made multiple references to Beck's - how shall we put it? - unique style of BSing viewers with whatever sob story would garner the most ratings.

The biggest laugh of the interview? When O'Reilly claimed Beck did not have a right-wing agenda.

Because these two almost got along too well - Stewart saved his most damning critique for Fox News, saying it sells "the clearest narrative" and works fans into a tizzy via a passion-based, "cyclonic" barrage of information that spins reasonable arguments into outrageous claims - we need to ratchet up the intensity between each's supporters.

Whose team are you on?

Check out a second clip below.

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at least stewart says his stuff is a joke to get people thinking the trouble with oreilly and palin and others they don't claim to be comedians and that's scary than stewart


Jon Stewart is our modern day court jester. His cunning and intellect surpasses most heads of state and news media, its no wander fox news feels threatened. Bill O'rielly, appears to be a man lost to his own privelidged world. Bill's opinions only apply to the "HAVES" and not the "HAVE NOTS". I would rather believe sombody that is standing in the room, than sombody that is looking the the keyhole.


Stewart is for lazy minds.
Beck is for whiners.
O'Reilly is for people who enjoy assaulting others.


Look, every person of means is self-serving, be it Stewart who wants to maintain his comic appeal or O'reilly who wants to maintain self-respect. The only value in a show down of this type is the show off aspect; no minds will be changed and no new information will be reconsidered. This is pure entertainment to keep a viewer's blood boiling.


Stewart argued difficult points in an environment that favours hysteria as the prime register. He did not resort to the easy answers and empty sound bites exposed on his own show, and he showed himself in command of the kind of nuance that he finds lacking in large part of the media. The way truth is spun, stretched, chopped up and re-packed by the cable news networks probably does hurt him. But at least he's making it easier to laugh at.


wahhh wahhh wahhh...give the funny man a bottle and a diaper change, truth hurts

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