Let's Make a Deal: Jon Gosselin Offers to Pimp Out Kids Again if TLC Drops Lawsuit

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Facing a seven-figure breach of contract lawsuit, Jon Gosselin shockingly may allow TLC to film his children again ... if the network ceases legal action against him.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star pulled the plug on the show last fall, citing its "exploitation" of the kids, but really just out of bitterness toward TLC and Kate.

Jon Plus 4

He is staring at an expensive trial as TLC pursues its breach of contract case, claiming Jon Gosselin has cashed in illegally with his countless media appearances.

TLC has already won a preliminary injunction against Gosselin, prohibiting him from engaging in behavior that violates the non-compete clause in his contract.

In short, he's getting screwed, and not in a good, Morgan Christie way.

That being said, Jon is ready to make a deal, and he's playing the only chip he's got left - allowing them to film his children again in exchange for backing off.

This is pretty much our reaction when we see Jon, as well.

Don’t expect Jon & Kate Plus 8 Reloaded, though. A source with knowledge of the situation says the network will never welcome the douche back with open arms.

“You can be sure that if the kids come back to TLC it will be only with Kate, not with Jon," an insider dished. "And there’s no guarantee that will happen either.”

TLC is convinced they can make their new project with Kate work no matter what Jon, who's also on the hook for major child support he can't pay for now, does.

It is also possible that Kate Plus 8 could return as several specials, rather than a regular series. In any case, all the settlement talk is coming from Jon alone.

When you think about it, TLC has little reason to cave. Jon is barred from making money off TV quasi-fame and will likely lose his trial, set to begin this Spring.

Still, his lawyer Mark Heller vows: “You haven’t seen the last of Jon Gosselin.”

Sorry for that disappointing news. Don't shoot the messenger.


So,I felt bad,at first for Jon.I agree,Kate appeared to be a beatch.When he finally grew "balls",he forgot to keep them at home.Now the world knows his "little" secret.
Him and Kate need to just get back together,forget the t.v. life and remember they love each other and their kids.T.V.and money took over their hearts and souls and they can never go back as long as they have the desire to be on t.v. and be filthy rich.They claim to be Christian.It's time to remember their treasures.
(I also think Jon is using drugs.)


Why does the world insist on picking on this poor Old Romeo?
Kate kicked him to the curve without giving him a lifeline.
Hailey claims that she don't want him, telling everybody in the universe that there is a "small"issue between the two of them.
Children always love their parents, and hopefully one day he will be able to repair his ego and nurture and love these beautiful children. Now, about child support, are we suppose to shed tears because Romeo is out of a job? The man had straw for brains to lose a job like that, hanging around all day doing nothing except getting on your wife's last nerve.
There is a perfect job out there for Romeo, the only thing he need to do is get a job standing outside a doctor's office making people sick. A job like that he will not have trouble finding,I
feel a nose bleed coming on just thinking about him.


this guy is a douche and I cant stand him I wish he'd go away to jail for a long time cant be be charged with somthing anything come one people there must be somthing he can go to jail for


I hope Heller is right...I do want to see Jon again..in an orange jumpsuit or are they wearing black & white in jail again..this oh so pathetic loser would sell his kids and his mom if he thought it would get him on page one again. However we do owe Jon a debt of graditude for one thing...he finally proved beyond a doubt that it is possible to screw yourself! Drop off the planet, you pitiful freeloader..your time is so over!


Oh my, what a suprise! Guess he needs bucks to play in the league he s trying to join. Someone better tell him he won't get his kids' money, I'm sure Kate will get that locked up tight and away from jon's reckless ways. Maybe his new piece of fluff isn't forking over any cash for d-bag jon to pocket. This guy is a train wreck, he just gets worse every time something is written about him. You would think he could see how ridiculous he looks to the world and get out of the public eye.

Vikki lou

I really cant stand this guy!! he looks like he has special needs. go away please!!!!!!!!




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