Jersey Shore Guidettes Not Actually Italian

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So much for being a "guidette."

Jersey Shore star Jenni Farley, a.k.a. JWoww, admitted on Fox's Strategy Room Tuesday that she and co-star Nicole Polizzi, a.k.a. Snooki, aren't even Italian.

She may be the "Guidette Princess of F*%king Poughkeepsie" (one of our favorite Jersey Shore quotes), but Snooki is predominantly of ... Chilean descent.

So f'ing weak. Now we don't want to see Snooki nude anymore. THG NOTE: We never did, nor can we see what the appeal is there. Sorry, Emilio Masella.

J-Woww says she personally is Spanish and Irish. Spain and Ireland are rolling in their collective graves, while Italians everywhere are rejoicing at this.

Snooki is not really Italian. Nor is she tall.

In truth, the ancestry of these idiots (or anyone) doesn't matter. They're all Americans and we watch because they're lovably trashy. But why promote it so falsely?

The MTV hit show was slammed by Italian-Americans for perpetuating "negative stereotypes," hyping up its "guidos" and "guidettes" in previews and interviews.

"If you replace Italian-Americans with any other ethnic group, would they use such a pejorative term to promote the show?" the president of one group posited.

Basically they bash Italians and aren't even Italians themselves. Classy.

Such a disappointment. We feel so used. At least we know Heidi Montag's plastic surgery is real ... though by definition her boobs, face, etc., are fake. Irony.


Snooki was raised by Italian-Americans.


I personally would really like them to actually go to Italy and see how native Italians really act. I'm from Milan and have recently moved to the States and when I see this show I realize how stupid it is. People need to stop putting them in the category of ITALIANS..They are Italian-American and all these overly tanned-gelled hair-dumbass' which give native Italians a bad name are usually the ones from New York and New Jersey. Go to Italy and get a f---ing reality check.


this show is gay im ALL italian the only person i like is vinny the really one on the hole stupit show idc that they r not from NJ thats wat ever doesnt even mean anything to me k but DONT act like something ur not...there not italian and they need to get over it and trying to be like us.


Who cares who is HALF ITALIAN and WHO IS FULL BLOODED... Just because someone is 50% Italian means he/she can't be proud, rep, or show off their culture. That sounds like a bunch of bull to me. I'm full blooded Portuguese and my kids are half, but I want them to grow up respecting and appreciating thier Portuguese heritage. Snooki and Sammi are the only ones that don't have Italian blood. The rest of them are half, except for Vinny, He is full blooded Sicilian.


Snooki is a disgrace to the Chilean people. If she were raised Chilean, she would not act like a skank


why do u care. u are watching the show aren't u. thats the point to get people to watch the show. and it's a show it can be fake. and honestly if u think pauly d is not italian then ur an idiot. he has a tattoo of an italian flag on his back. u think he would get that for nothing. and GUIDO is not bad at all, anymore at least mayb in like 1950 but not now. so get over urselves and let them b God like really who cares. ur just mad cause they made it and u didn't.


she is chilean ahhhhhhh that scrappy or snookie or whatever that is explains why she thinks she is hot shit... did you know that south-americans are so full of themselves?
also I am mexican and sorry but 90% of people that live in the US are the crap that we dont want in Mexico that is why they leave... sorry for you guys!!!!!


that's not surprising, the only REAL italian americans are vinny (his mother speaks italian and is from sicily), dj pauly delvecchio and the situation. ronnie's actually puerto rican, angelina is whatever, and no one cares about sammi.


She's not chilean. She's of chilean descent. She's your trashy bitch, not ours. Thank you very much.


i guess THG doesnt read it's own comments too often because a reader said months ago that snookie was chilean and not italian-american. this is hardly news.

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