Jersey Shore Guidettes Not Actually Italian

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So much for being a "guidette."

Jersey Shore star Jenni Farley, a.k.a. JWoww, admitted on Fox's Strategy Room Tuesday that she and co-star Nicole Polizzi, a.k.a. Snooki, aren't even Italian.

She may be the "Guidette Princess of F*%king Poughkeepsie" (one of our favorite Jersey Shore quotes), but Snooki is predominantly of ... Chilean descent.

So f'ing weak. Now we don't want to see Snooki nude anymore. THG NOTE: We never did, nor can we see what the appeal is there. Sorry, Emilio Masella.

J-Woww says she personally is Spanish and Irish. Spain and Ireland are rolling in their collective graves, while Italians everywhere are rejoicing at this.

Snooki is not really Italian. Nor is she tall.

In truth, the ancestry of these idiots (or anyone) doesn't matter. They're all Americans and we watch because they're lovably trashy. But why promote it so falsely?

The MTV hit show was slammed by Italian-Americans for perpetuating "negative stereotypes," hyping up its "guidos" and "guidettes" in previews and interviews.

"If you replace Italian-Americans with any other ethnic group, would they use such a pejorative term to promote the show?" the president of one group posited.

Basically they bash Italians and aren't even Italians themselves. Classy.

Such a disappointment. We feel so used. At least we know Heidi Montag's plastic surgery is real ... though by definition her boobs, face, etc., are fake. Irony.


yeah hi proud southern italian. you said that you bet noone understands what your saying so they're fucking fake. youre not the only one in the world who speaks italian honey.or in your case(uses google translate)


this isa at ( proud southern italian ) what u are saying in your post is that you bet know one can understand what you had wrote and that its bullshit that what people are saying being italian and from italy and you bet no one can say what you wrote.. Now am I right? corretto?


Snookie was adopted by italians & vinny & sammi are really italian & so is pauly d.& ronnie is part italian & part p.rican I absolutely loooove jersey shoreee! :D but if theyre not really italian they should change the fact that they sterotype italians & stuff. But whatever. Still a great show. Plus its just for entertainment. Doesnt mean that italians are bad in any way. Ijs


Fuck jersey shore there all lame they should make a Mexi shore (:


Posso scommettere che nessuno capisce questa cazzo di falsi ! so far half the comments i read say ppl are italian and are from italy but thats just b.s!i bet noone can tell me what i said in ITALIANO ?!


Vinny G@ YOU ARE A PUCKING DUMB ASS! if he gets a tattoo of the Italian flag it doesn't mean he is Italian. it could mean that he likes Italy. i am so happy they aren't Italian. they are just fake wannabe Italians. they just give us a bad name.


im full italian nd the fact of the matter is that no one on that show is italian but vinny as we can see im so done with this show its not funny and to have them making italian look like that is crazy b.c im italian nd everyone i kno doesnt act like them f***k the show nd the cast how bout that im out


look im italian and i dont like the fact that snookie nd jwoww are on the show and they arent even italian at that the only one that i like is vinny he is italian the show is making italian look like there something they arent b.c i kno all italian do act like them i so done with this show and if u dont like it then f***k off


im from bedsti and i know none of the j/s cast was italin for real


I think you guys are all racist. Im Mexican and you Italians are piss. Piss i tell you.......piss.

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