Janell Wheeler: From Orlando's Got Talent to American Idol

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She was only featured for 20 seconds on the American Idol Orlando audition episode.

But those were a gorgeous 20 seconds.

Florida native Janell Wheeler sang "House of the Rising Sun" in front of the judges and impressed them with her vocal range and good looks. We don't mean to be shallow by including the latter, but let's face it: beauty helps.

Wheeler is a sales representative from Tampa. She won Orlando's Got Talent and describes her music as "country, pop, soul, glam, fun."

The 24-year old also says she loves the ocean. Will viewers love her in Hollywood? Check out her audition below and decide for yourself.


Heard she also likes B======D deep in the throat. Mmmmmmm, what a hottie.


THG you're right once more: Beauty and Talent are a hard combination to beat. Ms. Wheeler has Both. If she doesn't do great--THAT will surprise me...Janell? It's all up to you now. You have the complete package,so you really have no excuse---Idol or No Idol--You can be all you want to be..So long as you never allow excuses to drag you down or pull you off-track of what you're after,get me? Rock-on! Hollywood...

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