Jake Pavelka and Ali Fedotowsky: Reuniting on (or After) The Bachelor?

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Fans hoping for a fairy-tale ending to The Bachelor may get exactly what they want ... well, no they won't, unless your idea of a fairy tale is Vienna Girardi winning.

Or so we've heard. But OK! Weekly is spinning quite a yard in its new issue about "what’s next" for Jake Pavelka and Ali Fedotowsky, who "put their love on hold."

OMG it is meant to be. You can't stand in the way of this love, Tenley Molzahn. Take a hike, Vienna. Neither can match Jake and Ali's unbridled passion ... right?

Wrong. But OK! really wants you to believe this.

The star-crossed pair melted into each other’s arms in a reunion behind the scenes at the taping of ABC’s The Bachelor: Women Tell All, the magazine suggests.

Jake and Ali to Reunite!

SECRET REUNION: Is one in the cards for Jake and Ali? We don't buy it.

It was every bit as romantic as their fans wished it would be, too ... it almost makes one forget how Ali Fedotowsky left the show to become the next Bachelorette.

“They both held each other as long as they could and had their arms wrapped around one another,” a witness says. OMG, we are getting hot just thinking about it.

There is no doubt Jake was into Ali - she was his frontrunner, he says - but are they in love now? OK! claims they are, and claims to know things about ...

  • The secret reunion (unlikely)
  • Their hotel hookup (more unlikely)
  • Ali's past (more dead relatives' houses?)
  • Jake’s current feelings for her (likely G-rated)
  • Jake's plan to win Ali Fedotowsky back (arrive out of nowhere in pilot's uniform a few episodes into the next season of The Bachelorette)

We wouldn't hold your breath for any of this, no matter how MFEO you think Jake and Ali are. If you believe these rumors, you need serious help, BTW.


People we are dealing with a smart lady did you see her gpa in collage and don't think she will have a hard time find a guy we just hope he good and nice to her, That is when Jake needs to come back in the picture or something if he coming back. Ali follow your heart and let God and your mother and dad and the heart of grandmother help you pick.


How can Ali get that much time off work to do the next Bachelorette if she couldn't even have two more weeks off to finish the Bachelor?


Ali seems just as phoney as Vienna & Tenley cleary isn't ready for a relationship. Jake should have his head examined for picking Vienna she is obviously mentally unbalanced she just hid it better than Michelle did LMAO. Vienna is a perfect example of a rabbit killer


Gia NOT Ali should be the next Bachelorette atleast she seemed genuinely nice & beautiful. She seems like someone any man would be lucky to get.


I find it hard to believe that you fall in love in a moment and even harder to believe once truly in love with someone (as Jake professed to be with Ali)that you just as suddenly fall out of love with them....as far as Vienna goes.. she seems very loose to me and I wonder what any man looking for a wife would ever see in her. Jake will need a LOT of luck with that one if he chose her-he says he wants a lifetime relationship with one woman- I doubt Vienna can even spell "fidelity".


I don't think it was fake when Ali called him , I think she was so upset at her self that she left because of her job. I still say Jake thought a lot of Ali , but he hadn't really knew who he was going to ask to be his wife, I still say he has Ali in his heart even after she left.


Rozlyn is a blatant liar. Just out for her 15 min. of fame.
Doesn't deserve any more publicity. Ali - had intentions to be next Bachelorette. When she called Jake to came back, it seemed fake.

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