Is Pixie Lott Dating Joe Jonas?

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Joe Jonas cannot catch a football.

But it sounds like he may have caught something far more important in life: true love.

According to Great Britain's trashy newspaper The Sun, the sex-starved singer has been getting cozy with English star Pixie Lott.

Jonas and Lott were reportedly introduced through Gregg Sulkin, a British actor that appears on Wizard Of Waverly Place.

"Joe has been relentless in his pursuit of Pixie. They have known each other a while. But she was visiting LA last week and he made sure he saw her every day," a source told the tabloid. "There were five nights on the trot where they ended up hanging out and going out together."

We have no idea what "on the trot" refers to, but we can assume it's not slang for "in the bedroom."

Pic of J Squared

The anonymous insider added, about Joe:

"He has become obsessed by her. Pixie is feeling a little more guarded but there is a romance gently bubbling away. Since she got back to the UK they have been texting and calling."

OMG, Jonas Brothers fans. It's about time Joe settled down, isn't it? Kevin is married to Danielle Deleasa; while Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas appear back together. Joe doesn't wanna be left behind!

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will joe is going to lose every girl he meets if he keeps on breaking up and dateing another girl i really think you should date pixxie go for it man text me agin and thanx


she's not dating him,they're just hanging out while recording a song


this makes me sad...
why? Joe?! it's not yet your time to get married!


He's only 20 he doesn't need t settle down, just because Kevin's been so lucky as to find Dani so quckly @michelllegray Oh come on, she in't too young for Joe, she's 19! He hasn't even turned 21 yet..


so.......... whateva


she is too young for joe joe should be single i love joe michelle


it is kinda sad watchin the brothers flame fizzle....hopefully, at least one of them can weather Old Man Time....


Haha 'on the trot' means in a row. Like they've seen each other 5 nights in a row.


why why why i love u joe im sexy