Hayden Panettiere: What a Lush

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Heroes decided to royally suck after about Season One, and with its free fall, Hayden Panettiere became less the $h!t than she initially was. But cute she remains.

She's posing here for Lush magazine, whatever that is. Peep it:

Whatever magazine this is from, we like the direction they took.

We're sure Wladimir Klitschko approves of the look above. What guy wouldn't? Too bad she's not 10 years older and on a show that doesn't eat ass, are we right guys?

Just kidding ... her age stopped more than one 30-year-old from going there.

Click to enlarge more Hayden Panettiere pictures from the shoot below ...

A Gorgeous Gal
Heroes Can Suck it
Weird Ass Hayden
A Cute Girl
Rough Looking Hayden

And here I figure anyone with a name like 'Jack Balls' would be the real hose monster...Maybe too-many slurping seconds is what rotted your mind and makes you spew vile mess like that above...Took one too many 'Knobs' have you Jack? It sure sounded like you were speakin' from experience there...Hey--no judgement. You can live any lifestyle you want,okay?...Have good day...


Hayden is a real hose monster! She looks like she just got tea-bagged with a giant set of balls and loved every slurping second of it! Bite the KNOB girl!!!


Hayden Panettiere Biography

Hayden: InStyle UK Photo
Hayden Panettiere is a pretty and talented young star. You might know her from Heroes, though she has also starred in more than a dozen... More »
Palisades, New York
Full Name
Hayden Leslie Panettiere