Happy Birthday, Trace Cyrus!

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He's not as famous as his 17-year old sister.

Nor is he as racy as his 10-year old sister.

But Trace Cyrus does have something his famous siblings can't lay claim to: a birthday today! He turns 21.

Trace is a guitarist and singer for the band Metro Station. He made news in the summer of 2009 for dating Demi Lovato and then for trashing The Jonas Brothers.

As seen below, Cyrus is clearly a graduate of The Matthew McConaughey School of Dressing. Send him your birthday wishes, and possibly a shirt, right now...

Trace Cyrus Photograph
Carol worth

@sophie - He's gonna look like Mick Jagger's younger brother. In fact, he already DOES! 0;-p


Hi trace love you
im your number one fan
hope your 22 brithday is craxy as you are rock out have fun but know that i got your back allways and forever from : megan


those tattoos are disgusting. and hes got 2 on his face and more up his neck and chest now. think about what hes gonna look like as a pensioner!


hannah montana


hi trace i thnk that u will make more music 4 many years 2 cum have u got any nieces or nephews write bk from gayle steel.


I love you Trace so much! I had a dream about you last night! What a coincidence! Happy birthday! Don't go too crazy at age 21! (: keep making music and ignore those haters! (they're just jealous!)


HAPPY B-DAY TRACE! ROCK THE FUCK OUT!!! HA,HA,HA! 21 and ready for the whole LA nightclub scene! Can you handle it? Hope so...I'll toast one to you tonight---so,Party ON! Later;Hollywood...


he is not a singer...he is a dramatic whisperer...lol (and a shiteous one at that...)


Tim Lincecum???


That is one ugly dude.

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Trace Cyrus Biography

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Trace Cyrus is the older brother of Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus. He's a guitarist and a singer for the band Metro Station and owns a... More »
Ashland, Kentucky
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Trace Cyrus