Happy Birthday, Taylor Lautner!

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A former Vice Presidential candidate and current money-hungry celebrity is 46 today (Sarah Palin).

America's most beloved actress, according to many, also celebrates a birthday (Jennifer Aniston).

But one milestone stands above all else on February 11, 2010: Taylor Lautner turns 18! Women around the globe know what this means, as the date has likely been circled on their calendars for months:

They can now think dirty, legal thoughts about the Twilight Saga stud muffin. Of course, Lautner himself doesn't seem that impressed with the occasion. Asked about his plans for it, Taylor said:

“I’ll spend time with family and friends... I don’t like to do anything huge, but it is 18, so, it’s kind of a big one I guess."

Isn't that humility a major reason why so many fans are drawn to this rising star? That and his ridiculous six-pack, of course.

All Taylor Lautner wants for his birthday? A kiss from Taylor Swift - and birthday wishes from YOU! Send them in now.

Lautner will also celebrate the big 1-8 by starring in Valentine's Day, opposite former fling Taylor Swift, which opens this weekend. Will you go see it 12 times?

In honor of this quasi national holiday, we've posted a slew of Taylor Lautner pictures below. Go ahead and ogle, ladies. The police can't do anything about it now...

Beach Bowler
People's Choice Cutie
Teen Wolf
Shirtless and Sexy

A few not-at-all insane fans made the following video in honor of Lautner's big day. Watch it now.


Happy BDAY Taylor:)) i loveeeeee youuu;)). I think WE should get married:)
I live in Spain so any time you need a vacation come visit ME I live in
Madrid,Spain! (it sucks:(). ILOVEYOU


* omg ... happy BIRTHDAY !!
taylor lautner ;) . have funn ♥
i wish i caould mee uu :) . but i cant :(
buyye i love uuu


happy birthday taylor
god bless you
hope you get all the pressies u want
n i hope u stay fitt forever
u fit guy
lov u lotz like jelli totz
ur biggest fan anisah


lol wow some of you are a little crazy out there haha. i understand he is hot and all but geez. it must be all those 15 year olds with their crazy hormones. anyways yess he is hot hot hot and happy birthday.


Happy Birthday Taylor!


happy birhday taylor your 18 now thats great i love u.


happy birthday i love you


This is Ryann's mom. Today is her birthday too and I know she would want to wish you a very happy birthday. God Bless you!


Happy Birthday Taylor ! I Hope You Have The Best Birthday Ever :) Lots Of Love


Happy 18th Birthday Taylor, I

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