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STOP picking on Sarah! She's AWESOME and what is best for the country. Especially since the current president isn't working out so well. To all you liberals and supporters of the Obama campaign out there, i just have 1 question: how's all that hopey-changey stuff workin' out for ya? PRESIDENT PALIN!!!! 2012!
Happy Birthday Sarah! U ROCK!
(Ignore Olbermann, he doesn't know WTF he talkin about.)


As her Dad so aptly said..."she's not retreating, she's reloading"--we haven't seen anything yet! The team assembled to push her as 2012 nominee is formidable--Rupert Murdoch's media machine--NewsCorp owns HarperCollins(Going Rogue)FOX News (analyst,Fox Business(energy issues),Real American Stories(Sarah warm & fuzzy home movies),WSJ,Weekly Standard(Bill Kristol's schoolboy crush)it's gonna be all Sarah, all the time--she's got fascist twins Karl Rove & Roger Ailes running this thing, oh and Mr. Mom the snowmobiling shadow gov hubby...Tawd! The worse things get, the better her chances...we know she goes hard! ineptitude it should be a fun ride...


Lloyd, was that English? It's hard to tell, but we'll take it as a compliment pending further elaboration.


This has to be the hypocrite posting.Imagine if you can while being sober someone, anyone from from Hollywood,or California for that matter putting down Sarah Palin.Not only is it outrageous,it leaves stupid stuck in a rut

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