Grammy Awards Fashion Face-Off: Katy Perry vs. Britney Spears

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Last night's Grammy Awards featured the best in music. And fashion theory. Both Katy Perry and Britney Spears may appear on the worst-dressed list.

Should they be, though? Katy's flesh-tone dress certainly showcased her voluptuous figure, with none of the cleavage which we've grown accustomed to.

Way to mix it up and keep things interesting, girl!

Meanwhile, Britney Spears rocked long brunette curls and a black lace Dolce & Gabbana dress over a bodysuit, paired with fishnet stockings. Classy.

Whose outfit do you like better? Vote below!

Katy at the Grammys

Katy vs. Britney: Who's your pick? [Photos: Splash News Online]

Who looked better at the Grammy Awards?


Britney Spears looks like she is wearing a bathing suit for obese women. At least Katy doesn't look trashy. Britney cant sing anyway her voice has to be auto-tuned in every song, its pathetic.


Better Katy Perry, she's more beauty than britney, katy looks so beautiful n hot. Britney just like a bad woman!


ha hhahh. I actually cant fall for that. Thats BULL. Katey Perry is beautiful. She looks better than a porn star. She is more talented than Brit. Britney is a crazy fool. A tiger never loses her stripes.


Britney Spears is the most amazing person on earth. She is and will always be everyone's idol because she is absolutely perfect. She is so beautiful that nothing could possibly look bad on her. Katy Perry on the other hand, is a lesbo whore who is faking an engagement to cover up her whorish hot then cold, girl kissing, skankism for the red carpet. Britney's outfit was gorgeous and amazing. Get over yourself and just realize that she is perfection everybody.


Brittany looks like she got caught in a fishing net. There is nothing that makes Katy Perry unattractive except for that annoying homeless bum that she calls her husband.

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