Gia Allemand: The Bachelor Hopeful, Maxim Model

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Gia Allemand is vying for Jake Pavelka's heart on The Bachelor, but she vied for men's attention in a different way when she posed for these racy Maxim pics!

It turns out Gia, one of Jake's final four remaining women this season on the reality show, wasn't kidding when she lists her profession as "swimsuit model."

Apparently, Gia Allemand stripped down for Maxim a few years ago after breaking up with her previous boyfriend, injury-proned MLB pitcher Carl Pavano.

Here's Pavano's previous "catcher" as you've never seen her ...

Gia Allemand Nude

Gia Allemand: Bachelor hopeful and major heart-stopper.

It's hard to say if Jake Pavelka is a lateral, downward or upward move from Carl Pavano, who probably went on the disabled list after seeing these photos.

Three things are beyond dispute here, however:

  1. This needs to come up during Gia's hometown date ... or else.
  2. Carl Pavano is a freaking idiot for (supposedly) cheating on Gia.
  3. Jake is a freaking idiot for (supposedly) choosing Vienna Girardi.

Click to enlarge more Gia Allemand pictures in Maxim ...

Gia From The Bachelor
Gia Allemand Bikini Photo
A Gia Allemand Photo
Gia Allemand Lingerie Pic
Gia Allemand Lingerie Photo

I am saddened by the loss of this beautiful young woman. I hope we can all pray for her family at this time.


honestly, I was sad to hear the news of GIa's passing. She was a sweet girl, but I am not at all surprised by this. She always struck me as being a rather fragile person, and someone who was overly sensitive and yet somehow lacking in self respect as the above pictures reveal. She gave herself away too easily, offered sex too early, and seemed to think that the way to love and success was through her sexuality. Unfortunately women who choose this path share a similar fate. Being objectified does a woman's head in. Her relationship with her bf was unstable -- as expected of a relationship based on sexuality. ..I feel


You rock and you are a big person for walking out of the house you are a real person and a winner people like you are few and far between xoxo


i know her and honestly she is really a gold digging whore, she craves attention. she has no talent what so ever. all she know is to take off her clothes... some talent. i wouldnt be surprised if she had a dissease. the girl is from howard beach queen i mean really... i hope she does find love because at the rate shes going she will be another one of those girls who have no satisfaction in life..... always looking for a sugar daddy


Bro, the reason you got Clamidia is because Gia is a hooker. DUH!




Dearest Gia, truly i am your fan and would love you to be on my facebook Dr.Thor van Godeah and to be dynamic friends


From what I have seen during the bachelor. Gia, was the only classy girl on the show. And never looking like a slutty one and never a drama queen. She is very mature and she is really pretty. She doesn't look like trashy at all. She is just really pretty and very appealing. I think you all that says bad comment on her are judgmental and the trashy ones. Get a life insecure people.


You are all terrible,judging people you dont know!So what if she had a nosejob? Gia is a beautiful and kind person and thats that.


I think she looks great, and for those don't know you supposed to look sexy in Maxim mag., it's sexy, she doesn't look trashy. Many celebs had there pix taking by maxom: J lo, Allicia Millano, Eliza Dushku and more.

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