Gia Allemand: Single, Heartbroken Over The Bachelor

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Despite rumors that she was dating someone else while competing for Jake Pavelka's heart, The Bachelor reject Gia Allemand says she was (and is) a single gal.

Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, the model subtly shot down a New York Post report that she has a boyfriend and pretended to be single.

When Ellen DeGeneres asked Gia Allemand if she's dating, the reality star says, "I'm actually going to have my first date next week. My first date in a while."

That conflicts with claims of alleged lover Dominick Pierno, a Long Island restauranteur who told the Post, "She was on the show and said she broke up with me."

"Meanwhile, we had dinner at Philippe the other night."

Gia: The Bachelor

Gia Allemand finished third on this season of The Bachelor.

The 26-year-old stunner said she was fully invested in The Bachelor, and "it took me a while" to get over Jake Pavelka, "with my heart broken and everything."

Throwing salt on the wound? Seeing this week's episode.

"I finally got over it but then I was watching the show Monday night," she says, "I was, like, hysterical in my hotel room. I was like oh my, that really hurt."

Gia also has some interesting comments about public enemy #1 Vienna Girardi, who she describes as a "really good person." Umm, what? That's a new one!

Is Vienna just being railroaded by exes and ABC editors? Or was Gia just not as riled up by her as Ali Fedotowsky and Tenley Molzahn? Interesting debate.

Who should Jake give his final rose to?


And Ray,,ur a jerk


Gia,ur too good for him anyway.


gia is a whore i banged her you'll see a sex tape within a year


I think Gia really did fall in love with Jake. Why he sent her home is beyond me. That was and still is a big mistake to me. If anthing, he was intimidated by Gia. His comment about wondering if she could fit in with the locals in St. Lucia was stupid not too mention his comments about how much her shoes cost. She was the most genuine and real person left and they could have made a great couple. are sooo stupid for letting Gia go. Amother Bachelor bites the dust...maybe a bit more famous but alone!! God help him if he did give the final rose to Vienna....gag me!! Ali...give it love your career and you did quit!! I would watch if Gia was the next Bachlorette but only if it is Gia!!


I hope she's the next Bachelorette, if Ali i will definitely not see it. GIA is such a great girl, she's so sweet!!!


Jake made a huge mistake by rejecting Gia. She seems like a total sweetheart that any decent guy would want to have. If I had the opportunity to date her, I would be a total fool to let her go. I wish there was a way to contact her.

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