Gary Coleman Hospitalized After Seizure

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Troubled actor Gary Coleman is being treated at a Los Angeles area hospital after suffering a seizure on the set of The Insider Friday, the show itself reports.

The star has "received immediate medical attention by Drew Pinsky, M.D. who was sitting next to him at the time," according to The Insider. Yes, seriously.

"He was transferred in stable condition to a local hospital."

Last month, the 41-year-old was briefly hospitalized in L.A. after he suffered what he called "seizure activity." He was also arrested for domestic violence.

Gary Coleman has a history of health problems.

It's not clear if Gary's wife Shannon is with him at this time. The ailing Coleman was born with failed kidneys and underwent two transplants before age 14.

At one stage in his life, he underwent dialysis four times a day to survive.

It's unclear if his recent seizures are kidney-related, but regardless, it's good to hear things appear stable. Here's hoping Gary recovers fully and quickly.


It is a pity that his relationship with his adopted parents isn't better.


Unfortunetly,I feel that gary kind of have his legal troubles to blame himself for his wife only want to be with him for his money...WAKE UP'''''''THAT GIRL DO NOT CARE FOR HIM AS HIS FEELING'S FOR HER SEEM TO BE GENUINE,,I seen their wedding and you can tell that she only want's to use him for his money she probably have a big life insurance on him...if he leave's her perhaps he will start getting more jobs' and he will feel a lot better without all the stress of her on him..GOOD LUCK GARY!!!!!!