Floyd Landis Accused of Hacking Into Lab to Change Failed Drug Test Results

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A national arrest warrant has been issued in France against U.S. cyclist Floyd Landis in connection with a hacking operation in which he allegedly attempted to change the results of a failed drug test. That's not one you hear every day!

Landis has been linked to a case involving stolen computer data from an anti-drug laboratory. French judge Thomas Cassuto is seeking to question Landis about his alleged connection to a hacking operation that targeted the lab.

That sounds like the most poorly-hatched plot since John Edwards' idea to gank a diaper from his love child and bribe a doctor to fake a paternity test.

Nice try, Floyd Landis. But we have to give you credit for trying to cheat the system to cover up your previous cheating of the system. Go big or go home, right?

Pierre Bordry, the president of the French anti-doping agency, accused Floyd Landis of having a link to the computer hackers. Cassuto also issued a national warrant for Arnie Baker, a longtime Floyd Landis coach and adviser.

"Landis used the hacked files for his defense," said Bordry, referring to Landis' infamous appeal before an anti-doping arbitration hearing in California.

"He wanted to show the lab made mistakes in handling the tests."

Landis was stripped of his 2006 Tour de France victory after testing positive for high levels of testosterone. His appeal of the decision was rejected.

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Talk about your" French Connection"!!


The French lab is only proving Landis' case that they are incompetent. How can we trust the data if they were hacked?


Sounds like a real upstanding citizen.