Ex-Husband of Vienna Girardi to Jake Pavelka: Run!

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Sgt. Josh Riley, former husband of The Bachelor hopeful Vienna Girardi, says Jake Pavelka shouldn't make the same mistake he did and trust that vixen.

Riley, who was married to the abrasive, annoying 23-year-old blonde for 10 months, is now revealing what he calls her lying, cheating and stealing ways.

Not only is Vienna Girardi a pathological liar - “It was hard to know what was true and what wasn’t,” - the Marine says she cheated while he was in Iraq.

It gets worse. Josh says Vienna’s most shocking move came during their separation, when she slept with his friend and drained their joint bank account.

Vienna Girardi, Jake Pavelka

If Bachelor spoilers are to be believed, Jake Pavelka is f*%ked!

“He lived in a trailer next to mine. One of his housemates told me, ‘Hey, man, I don’t know if you know, but the ol’ boy had sex with your wife!’” Riley said.

“A month later, my friend admitted to me that it was true.”

Josh also said that, while in Kuwait, Vienna secretly removed $5,000 from their joint checking account that she later used to fund breast enhancement surgery. "I can't believe I actually paid for her boob job!" a shocked Sgt. Riley said.

Now remarried with a 15-month-old son, Riley has a warning for Jake Pavelka, who has made Vienna one of the final three girls standing this season.

"I would advise him to run as fast as he can, but it might be too late," he says.

"If he has any plans of marrying her, he should know she cheated on me, stole my money and even got me in trouble with the military with her big mouth."


Anyone who thinks Vienna is REAL needs to take a second look at how real she is not! OMG! Her hair is not even real! She wears extensions and has been getting them for years until her hair falls out from all the bleach and glue! Her boobs are fake!!!!!! Bleached teeth, fake nails. Gesh and she is acting in all the talk shows about how in love she is!!!!! She is making a career move and using Jake as a stepping stone. How stupid is he??????? Wake the freak up Bachelor! The truth has been coming out about this player for weeks and now she is playing you and the whole Country!


Jake will one day realize what he and Tenley had. She is a class act, simple as that. Vienna may be likeable, for the moment, for a romp, but would you want YOUR son to marry that?? NO WAY. I didn't trust her from the beginning and now especially after the facts and what we've all come to know about her. Jake had to have been thinking with something other that his brain.




When a man and woman fall in love it's usual b/c of compatability, sense of humor and of course love. This relationship is based on lust, Jake's never been with a bad girl, so this is a thrill for him according to his friends. Jake will get tired of V's bad-ass behaviour and the lovestory will NOT have a happy ending!!


OMG! What is Jake thinking? I thought Jake was an intellignet, dignified guy....however, I guess he is not. Take a look at Vienna's pictures on the internet....she is trash and she is trouble...A waitress at Hooters....how lovely!
How long will Vienna keep up the act? Time will tell!
Jake better be ready...Jake, hold on to your bank account and your real estate!


It looks like Jake's pee wee did the picking...what a horible mistake....just wait until he really gets to know Vienna...She is a phoney, baloney, actress, tramp.........and homely to boot!


I have to agree with most.. Jake you made a big mistake! The whole season you said you were looking for a big heart and didn't want to be lured in by beauty and you did just what you said you weren't going to do! This will be a learning lesson for you as you have made a huge mistake.. I hope this mistake is a quick one and doesn't go on too long! Good Luck to you Jake.. You deserve the best and you will find it one day!!


I am happy for jake and vienna they are the prefect match . tinley was just too much of a yes person not much spark flying


Jake has opened PANDORA'S BOX OF CHAOS not only for himself but for his family. He obviously has only been exposed to lovely women based on what we saw of his family...but he allowed himself to be tricked into believing that Vienna's standards were the same as those he is used to be surrounded by. This deception is no different than the one done by Eve to Adam. It was apparent that Jake is naive with women, and too stubborn to admit when he has made a mistake. The feelings of heartbreak he felt with Tenley were REAL, the possibility for depth was there...As opposed to the feelings of LUST LOVE he has experienced with Vienna. Those feelings were misleading and a blinder to any sound judgment from him. The blindness will be temporary. In the end, Jake will see Tenley as the one who got away and Vienna as the nightmare experience captured on video footage of the biggest mistake of his life.


What's the matter with Jake? Can't he see what a phony Vienna is? She's a "daddy's girl" and Jake will be sorry he picked her in the long run!

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