Ex-Husband of Tenley Molzahn to Jake Pavelka: Run!

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Jake Pavelka is down to two women on The Bachelor, with his final gut-wrenching decision awaiting viewers Monday night on an emotional season finale.

Personality-wise, Tenley Molzahn and Vienna Girardi could not be more different. But they do have this in common: Ex-husbands who say they're nuts!

We've already heard Vienna's ex-husband describe her lying, cheating, bank account draining ways. Now Tenley's ex is out to warn Jake about her too.

Ryan Natividad basically claims Tenley is not as sweet as she seems, but rather a prude, manipulative bitch who is "infatuated with becoming famous."

The police officer, who she says was unfaithful, says Tenley Molzahn aspired to be an L.A. Lakers cheerleader and America's Next Top Model contestant.

Jake Pavelka, Tenley Molzahn

Would Jake Pavelka be making a mistake with Tenley Molzahn?

"Tenley is a great actress, a master of manipulation,” Ryan says. “She’s far from the demure and innocent person she pretends to be on The Bachelor.

He also strongly refutes rumors that he ever cheated on her, as Tenley has claimed numerous times as Jake has courted her on the ABC reality series.

"Tenley always plays the victim, like a broken record," says Natividad, who notes that she withheld sex from him too. "It’s pathetic, and she’s pathetic.”

Jake already has Tenley's father's blessing, but should he beware? If The Bachelor spoilers we've read are to be believed, something may turn him off ...

But who do you think Jake should pick on The Bachelor finale?


Know any ex-husbands who have anything good to say ...?
Besides, if the worst thing she aspired to is using her dance skills to become a Lakers Cheerleader - or to become the Next Top Model...so what ? That shows she has goals and dreams for herself - she's not some needy girl who wants to live off her policeman husband..And she has a great job too.
So she supposedly withheld sex - well if my husband cheated on me, I'd do the same...if he's getting it elsewhere, don't even think about coming near me...
Manipulative - ??? IDK. Know any cops (or people in general) who don't have issues?


Still, even if what her husband said was true, if I were Jake, I'd still pick Tenley over Vienna anyday.
At least Tenley looks sweet enough.
Vienna has the look on her face that simply screams "BITCH!"
Hahas, sorry:)


WTF ppl? It's from her ex-husband. Of course her ex will talk crap about her. Her ex is getting paid a lot of money to spill out any dirty laundry about her, whether real or not.


lus...rotfl..u lsot me at "Wats dis".....so funny...u & your text talk, it is realllly stupid or as Obama says (in reference to his bowling skills)"like a retard"....


So he's got Hailey Glassman Version 2.0 and Hailey Glassman Version 2.1 to choose from? Cripes. Flyboy Ken should pick himself, flee in terror, and never look back.


Wats dis luv on a reality show? Its stupid. Are d women rily in luv wit Jake.for God's sakes, He has a million women 2 chose frm not some two devil faced women in a reality nonsense. If he must den, he should go 4 Ali. Infact,run frm all, marriage is 2 serious 2 be trifled wit. Run jake run

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